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Great game!
Okay maybe I shouldn't say the word great, since it has its fair share of issues. Like most people who glanced at this, it seems to be a mash up of Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike Source, and Half-Life 2. While, I think (probably), having the skins, animations, and models from Gamebanana, like the weapons and character models. The game plays fine and is functional. You shoot and the zombies die, or your allies die. The classes in the game work and the animations aren't stiff, except for the punching. The graphics are really dated, but it has the usual Source engine charm that I really ******* love, maybe nostalgia. Well in the interest time lets get a list going:
+Fun game with a hybrid of L4D, CSS, and HL2
+All the classes work and most are useful and required to win
+Heavily relies on Teamwork, if one doesn't have a Support ot a Technician, your odds of winning are lowered
+The zombies are challenging
+The game is challenging
+The gamemode works
+Doesn't seem to have many connection issues or "netcode"
+The possibility of better modding
+The maps it has, works and have some effort and thought into it, despite it just reusing assets from HL2
-Very few content
-handful of weapons
-your melee, a punch, work sometimes and other times, not, even if you are looking straight at the zombies, it just won't connect and makes it *VERY* frustrating
-Speaking of melee, the zombies melee animation seems like it won't hit you, but it does. The zombies can somehow hit you like a 6 inches-a foot more than it should!
-The ironsights are bugged somewhat, meaning sometimes you have to click 2-3 TIMES for it to actually zoom in. Literally one of the first thing I noticed when I played the game
-Only 5 maps
-Heavy reliance on reused assets
-TOO MANY ******* ZOMBIES! (You will get used to it, but at the beginning it was nightmare staying alive)
-Very few zombie classes, your traditional 3 (normal, fast, tank)
-The SMG on the support is godawful, it works, but the spread is too much and needs to be lowered
-Some say the Assualt class is useless because it just mashup of Support and Pointman and no unique gadget, Maybe replace the grenade for something else, like a freeze nade that can freeze a mass of zombies for like 10-15 seconds.
-The pistols need a buff
-Needs more variations on the maps and most of them takes place on night thats so dark that you use the flashlight all the way through to see anything
-Needs a revolver
Overall if I do have to rate this game, I would give it at least a 4/10 and at most a 7/10 (unless heavy overhaul happens). But an average, for me, would be a 6/10 for this game. Its very fun, but the lack of content is very glaring, which could be fixed by mods, but there hasn't been much of late. I know some ppl are going to see this game as trash, but really its a solo developer who is doing all of this and you gotta give him props for actually trying to make a game, while being free. Have you made a game by yourself in 3D? No? Then shut up. Also, some might say how you flinch when zombies hit you should be a con or how zombies hitting you can slow you down, but I think this goes with the "realism" and balance, if the zombies doesn't due that, you will probably win most of the time and get bored with no challenge. These two makes the zombies very challenging, especially when they gang up on you. Some say that the Support is too OP, but really, its a coop game and you aren't competing, so its fine. Besides, the **** weak and HEAVILY inaccurate SMG balances it out. Some say the Friendly Firs should be a con, but it takes it ques from L4D, which has it and works.
This is copied from my Steam Review of this game.



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