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Enhanced 4X Mod

Mod review

I absolutely love this mod for one simple reason. It makes everything actually seem Unique.

The Loyalists and Rebels actually feel like different factions instead of just CTRL+C CTRL+V'd with a few separate techs and Titans. I especially love how the TEC Rebels can buy pirate fleets and even become neutral/allies to pirates aswell.

The only thing I would consider lacking is textures...I am aware this is essentially just a mod to enhance gameplay (which it does amazingly) but re-textures would certainly be a nice thing to see but I wont go pestering the devs with this but I would urge them to consider it. Either way, the mod itself is brilliant and is brilliantly put in with Star Wars: Interregnum which is also another brilliant mod that if anyone reading this hasn't played, better do so now.


Star Wars: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy

Early access mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

I think that the mod itself is absolutely amazing, completed or not. The ships and structures may look more cartoonish than their sister mod counter-parts but I like it as it is a bit more refreshing than the dullness of said mods.

I absolutely adored the look of the Empire of the Hand ships and have always enjoyed playing as them. The Imperial Remnant and New Republic factions are brilliant too but there will always be something someone wants to nitpick about.

Personally, the only problem I have with the mod is the two empty faction slots. The reason I have a problem with it is because I desperately want to know who they're going to be, so no actual problem.

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