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Things are finally picking up pace. Three years of learning to develop Java data structures, learning LISP logic and figuring out how OSs make scheduling work, and I'm finally there. Final year. Just getting into my second term now, and while first term was pretty damn educational, this term is where it gets fun.

Specifically, Games Development and Computer Animation. Unity and Blender, respectively. Unity, for the most part, is impressing me in terms of functionality and ease of use. Blender is . . . not, given that I've been using 3DS Max for a couple of years now (on and off; I would never consider myself a competent modeller). Regardless the module is both welcome and useful; any modelling practise is better than none, and that goes for animation (when we start learning it).

It's interesting to look back to where I was two years ago. Looking back four years just makes me cringe; I was 18 at the time and incredibly naive to the world and also my chosen discipline (CompSci/games development). Two years ago I thought I was handy at Java, that I was getting a grasp on design principles and how to maintain products. Looking back, I wasn't that great. Not really. Not that I would call myself any good nowadays (oh that ego), but I've certainly come a lot. My personal projects have been maintained and refined, and I've ever started new ones.

Unfortunately, that leaves very little time for modding. In fact, I don't think I've done serious modding in over a year now, and I haven't been able to work up the enthusiasm to get back into it. The DoW I and DoW II modding scenes are virtually nonexistent, and there are very few skilled individuals still involved in those scenes. My free time is taken up researching for my final year project (which ironically is to develop a toolset for DoW I/II modding), along with extracurricular activities such as water polo. Modding just doesn't hold enough interest, and the feedback I get (i.e. none) doesn't inspire me to continue.

So, here's to final year. To learning new things, and moving onto the development of actual games!


look, firstly the reason i came over to your page was to say well done on the firestorm mod how ever when i saw this it made me a little sad inside. you say you get no feedback, yet people are still downloading your mod today and i speak for the silent majority in saying that all we want is the bugs fixed and that bit on the black templar dreadnought. although you get no feedback i garantee that the people who download the mod are very happy with your work, if you dont see it as a useful use of your time then so be it and i wont complain but im just here to say you still have support and as long as you explain why you are doing something then we'll be fine with it.
p.s. good luck at with your final year

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