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Silent Escape

Game review may contain spoilers

Great mode, very intuitive and has it's own style.

+ Good Lighting and Color Correction
+ Varied Locations
+ Lens Flare was a nice touch
+ Not to long, Not to short, good length

- Cut scenes in HL2 where you can't move? Big no no
- The cutscenes were also boring and were spineless at best
- The ending was also kinda meh, like one of those generic movies

Really good mod though, definitely one of the best around here



Mod review

Anti-Citizen - Chapter 1

Mod review - 1 agree

I don't see why everyone gives it a low rating, it is sort but its very good, remind me of Valve still maps.

+ Good introduction
+ Good Buildup
+ Arrangement, lighting, and detail was near perfect

- Short
- AI is a little dumb at times

I'm looking forward to see this mod expand, the demo was great, and I bet the rest of this mod will be the same


Station 51

Mod review may contain spoilers

The mod is really good for the people who love the action of HL2, this short mod has more action then more of HL2:EP2 combined. The prop placing and detail was also great. Though, at some points the mod got very unfair, for example, when you have to open the door into the base, and the Hunters and Combine come out, I felt that was a little overkill. And also when you have to destroy the ball, the influx of guards was insane. Warning to people trying this out, set your difficulty to Normal and below, Hard is insane, and will definitely make it feel more like a grind then actual fun. All in all, pretty good mod.


Slums 2

Mod review

+ Great textures
+ Good Detailing
+ Good damage scaling and gameplay
+ Good difficulty level
+ Good length
+ Color correction was awesome

- Too much shotgun ammo, need more variation
- Ending was a bit dull

One of the best mods I've ever played for HL2:EP2


Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Probably the best mod mod I ever played, definitely the best horror mod I've ever played. The graphics, textures, lighting, characters, were all superb. The Prologue though is sorta annoying because there are no directions (I had to use godmode, because I needed to take a through look around the map without getting killed :P), but really was done nicely.
The Story was amazing, everything made perfect sense, and the characters really moved things along. The AI was great except for those times were they get up in your face, and don't move for about a minute. The puzzles and the enemies were well balanced, and overall fun. The skins and weps were also very good, though the SMG was a bit weak and should have been tweaked a bit.
What I liked especially was the decaptation at certain times, which I felt is also the brunt of Zombie-esque games. This mod also really accomplished the sense of horror, and really left me scared after certain parts (especially when you have headphones on in the dark). Overall, this is not a mod to be missed, and should be played by all Horror game and FPS fans alike, it really bridges the gap between the two.


Black Mesa

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