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Colonialism 1600 AD Enhanced

Early access mod review

Even though the feature of this very own Submod is quite few such as bigger units size, wider musket rage etc

But it have a various possibility to be expand, of filling where the Original mod left off. Portraits, fixing the Startpos problem.

Who known? may be this submod will one day fixing the mess of the Original one

and finally turn "Colonialism 1600AD" into a proper Total Conversion Mod.


Colonialism 1600AD

Mod review

It's a good, ambitious mod trying to simulate the early 17th Century.
Nevertheless, the mod is quite "half-done" after all those years,

Unit cards problem still presents, the undecidable behaviour of the Creator is the main problem of the mod.
He can’t decide "where" his mod will start. With 1.0 start on 1600 (hech the name: "Colonialism 1600AD")
later he push start later a bit to 1605 and here we are with version 4.0 with the start date at 1611 (in fact the game start on 1616 probably because of Starpos problem), also He can’t decide what faction he currently work on
Today he might work on England, a little bit of Scotland for tomorrow, but in the end none of them are done or fully functionable and indirectly lead into massive bugs, Game crashes and etc.

But that are better compared to the Ottoman and Indian factions, Since he never actually focus on them.
And after a while, he declared a few years ago, that he would focus on the late era instead (by develope it as a Submod for this one) So if you want a Stable mod, I'm sorry to say skip it for now, it won’t be ready a few years.


Company of Heroes 2

Game review

good but soviet story like a popaganda


Battlefield 1942

Game review

This game is sooo good! You can play as axis or ailes faight as a (britsh) (garman) (usa) (japan) in the histocal lever like
The battle of midway battle of gaza and oter
P.s sorry for my poor english sir


Battlefield 1918

Mod review

This mod woke on win 8 omg! and it fun to play

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