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Blender - Raindahl Delta 3 'Hageen'
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So using Blender for low-poly, precision work is quite a bit different than more main-stream packages, but it really works smoothly once one gets the hang of it. And by 'get the hang of it' I mean 'having googled every function you need at least ten times'. :D

WIP template for a player controlled ship. Currently 1100 faces.
Aside from their well known (and feared) line of military vessels, Raindahl DSIM also manufactures a variety of ships for the private market. Raindahl offers a wide variety of ship designs, with variants existing to supply precisely the amount of firepower, agility and resilience their customers demand - the only constant is excellent quality and a steep price tag. Wealthy adventurers, prosperous traders, high profile security suppliers and the occasional semi-official military contractor are amongst their buyers, but Raindahl products also have a tendency of turning up in the hands of mercenaries and privateers preying on the enemies of the Federation.

The Delta 3 'Hugeen' is designed for deep space exploration, a medium fighter with improved sensors, communications and an EV based FTL drive. Its heavy engines make it very fast but overall agility is only average. What it lacks in hull strength is compensated for by a strong shield, making it very robust in hit and run situations. A twin missile launcher is integrated in one of the wings and there are mount points for a single energy and projectile weapon each. While it can be outfitted with flares, drones and electronic counter measures, these systems are usually not installed by default.

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