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Amazing Zombie Defense

Game review

Lunnye Devitsy

Game review - 3 disagree

I only played for 15 minutes, the first five trying to figure out why i couldnt get the game menu open to use fullscreen. I realised there was no menu and moved along in windowed mode. My first impression when I started was that I liked the way the "toon" moved/jumped, couldnt wait to fight some baddies. I wandered around dropping from ledge to ledge and hopping up on a few inbetween, but the "baddies" never showed up, I was just wandering around jumping and falling and jumping and falling and....you get it. I got bored and turned the game off to read the Desura store page for the game desciption ( "As a little alien that falls off the moon, you have to make your way back. The objective is to get home again using one of six possible exits hidden on a large mountainside."). This game is completely about wandering around. No obsticles, no baddies, no fun stuff in my opinion. I always thought the worst part of most games i have played was not knowing where to go and being forced to wander around till i find the next thing to do. To be fair, maybe I didnt play long enough to encounter anything to do besides .....wander around. I wont be playing again to find out.
I hate giving bad reviews because I have alot of respect for indie game developers. I gave this a 3 because it has potential to be fun but it doesnt have anything to do in it but WANDER AROUND!


Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

Game review - 3 agree

This game is soo funny. Story is what its all about with this one.How big and crazy a story gets depends on the player. One of my pioneers got "space rabies" oddly and then another had his head ripped off and his body was "burried in Guano" and the last attempted to jump over a river with the wagon and ended up jumping to high and had to shoot down a bullet spitting satellite, luckily he landed back in the river he was trying to jump, crossed and got mauled by a pack of rabid squirrels. History...If you dont learn from it your doomed to repeat it, right? right? nuff said.


Crazy Machines

Game review - 1 disagree

This game is cool to tinker with, but gets old after about 20 hours of gameplay. worth 5 or 6 bucks, not 9.99. I got my copy during a steam sale for 2 or 3 bucks. I got a bargain which made buying the game worthwhile.


Monster Truck Racing Extreme Offroad

Game review

this game is fun, but is clearly an alpha.
The Good Stuff:
1)The trucks show damage and when you upgrade them you can see the parts on the truck. very cool. I was driving with 3 wheels at one time!
2)Its a "make your own series" game, you decide how many races and how many laps.
3)You need to use "Pit Stops". It adds an extra bit of strategy to the races.
4) I told myself before playing that I would only run a couple races to give a first impressions review, but I couldnt stop playing. It has a "One more game then ill stop" thing going for it. very fun.
5) Its Monster Truck Racing....cmon!
The Bad Stuff:
1)there is only one track currently, but there are track conditions that make it replayable. One race is on a snowy track, the next is mud....etc.
2)I like being able to make my own series, however I like having a preset series to race also. Thats just me though. Hopefully the final build will have this option.

Great alpha stage game with alot of promise.

I have updated my review to a 9 since the patch. The graphics/colors are brighter and the new tracks are awesome. Cant wait til the game is completley finished. Oh yeah, It has controller support now also.


Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road

Game review - 1 agree

This game is "Amazingly" fun. It isn't like all the other cookie cutter racers where speed needs to be your top priority to win a race. There is a certain level of challenge to this one. This racer makes you feel like your controlling a "Monster Truck", so you need to focus on control if you want to win. Speed is important, but if you take a turn to fast and twitch the steering back or forth you will flip, just like if you tried to do it in a real Monster Truck,and probably lose the race. It is unique!
I made it thru 9 races of placing last(alot of fun even while losing}before I started to get the hang of driving using my mouse. I briefly tried using the keyboard, but went back to the mouse because I couldnt stop oversteering and would flip my truck. When you buy this game after reading this review, stick with mouse controls, it has a slight learning curve/adjustment period, but its the best and most fun way to go.
The Monster Trucks are customizable in a lot of different ways, Tire Style, Suspension, Model of Truck, Paint style, Wheel style, Wheel color, Spoilers, and more...plus! Ready for it? LIMO MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!! It just doesnt get any better than........LIMO MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!!
I am not one of those guys that pass out "10" ratings unless I think it deserves a "10". (check my past ratings for proof)
Dont even stop to ponder. Buy this game IMMEDIATELY! MONSTER LIMO's.............



Game review

I am loving this simple strategy game. I cant think of a better way to spend under 3 bucks for this much entertainment. only gripes are that there are too few vehicle to pick from and copter is O.P. I highly recommend this game. btw 8 is a very high rating from me, i dont pass out 10's like alot of others on desura. Great buy for 9.99, a steal at 2.79. GET IT.


The Tank Game

Game review

I like this game alot. Its very fun. Controls are simple and its easy to pick up and play in short bursts. Buy it!


DLC Quest

Game review - 2 disagree

This game being "short" is an understatement. Its tiny! The 2 boards in this game are extremely simple. This would be a great game for a 4 year old if it had a kid friendly theme, Sesame Street or Barney or whatever. I regret paying 2 bucks for this(sad cause 2 bucks is very little). It ****** me off! Looked so promising,I was looking forward to playing this game. Took longer to write this review than to beat the game the first time................

Save your 2 bucks.

Anyone who rates this game a "10" is crazy.


Zombies Ruined My Day

Game review

Very simple and fun game. there is a strategy element to the game i wasnt expecting, due to the limited ammo and the zombies ability to shrug off multiple gunshots too the head. nice little game.

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