I am still somewhat new to game development, but learning very fast. I know several programming languages and have a background in 2D and 3D art. I am currently learning UDK. I'm looking for a supportive community and maybe even some team members as I venture into making my first game.

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I have been working on some of the problems mentioned in previous posts and have had much success. I can now unwrap UVs in Blender, texture them in Photoshop, then import them in UDK with no problems. I had to adjust for the difference in scale from Blender to UDK; which is way off. Scaling up that much in UDK seems to rip the mesh, but scaling up in Blender does not. I also learned how to Bake materials made within Blender to a UV so I don't have to start from scratch with those. I am not getting the desires quality from this method yet though. I'm sure it's just a matter of finding the right settings.

I am putting these new skills to test by modeling the menu stand at Dennys. Almost done and it's looking pretty good. Pictures coming soon.

So, I think I had mentioned a specific game idea or two before. I am at such an early stage of learning all this that I decided to put all game concepts aside and focus on fundamental skills first. So I am modeling things I see daily for practice, which happens to be at Denny's Restaurant. I used to go there to get away from distractions and have coffee and be able to smoke inside while I work on homework, or projects like this. I am no longer a smoker, but the other advantages are still there, and I have made friends with the other regulars there. Anyway, I am going to have all these Denny's themed objects before long and have started thinking what I can do with them. Maybe a 3D version of Dinner Dash sponsored by Denny's?? I think that would be pretty cool. I could move on to learn scripting and such once I have the required 3d objects. That would give me a game idea that reuses stuff I previously made instead of starting over. It's all for education though. The long term goal is to get hired at a real game development company, or maybe win the lottery and start my own company. (I can dream right?)

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