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Tired of moddb....

Gin Blog 8 comments

Needs no paragraph but you'll get a small one.

Find me elsewhere if you knew me. If you didn't you didn't miss anything. Would like to say I enjoyed something about it. But I didn't. Not a thing. From now on I'll be downloading from other websites and using my other accounts. Was here since 2003. Quit today at my 6:45 PM Central Time USA. Reasons for which you may, can, or probably won't speculate about. I go now where the other members who have quit have gone. Somewhere better with more options, more friendly communities, and better staff who have a real mission to give or to help someone. If there was something you'd remember me by, I'd suggest you delete it and move on.

I've had enough of your crap - quit...


Blind men see nothing.

Angry rant. Criticism at it's best. Would love some answers pt.II

Gin Blog 4 comments


Let's talk about what Scott said part 2.



1.In reference to PWNED.COM you said,"It is horribly ugly." I beg to differ sir, it's simple. And V2, V3, and even V4 are all victims of FRAMES. The graphics on V4 are hardly any better. The tabs look like crap. And the "new" flash videos are so compressed they sound like garbage, the articles are struggling due to a complete lack of comprehensive material and I have to question why am I even still here when it's looked this way for 4 years man?
2.Clicking on a game profile and all you get is a boxshot- well that's more material than we get at Whenever a game comes out it takes at least a week for the page to be revised, reviewed, and given a decent description. Most of the games released aren't even on MODDB unless they are moddable or popular. Or a senior member tells you about it. At least they have a somewhat complete or soon to be complete system going at PWNED.COM and I can add the game to a collection or now playing list, etc. I don't really care about their review of the product since noone ever uses a site like that for reviews. I doubt anyone uses MODDB for it. Considering the complete lack of enthusiasm along those lines. We get the option as users to score it, because MODDB doesn't have staff to play these titles.
3.Ads- Scott, every site needs ads. You get money from guess what- your ads.
4."calling themselves a social network"- Moddb is certainly not a social network Scott. But I'm pretty sure you're trying to rectify this right?;)
5."instead of focusing on news and real content," Wait wait wait. Contests, prizes, rewards, debut dates, community activities, LAN parties, server renting, beta testing, these things aren't real content?
6."they focus on user profiles" - This is the number one reason why a site should exist. The user.
7."and all the user profiles have is a comment box," Not true. I have CSS, CSS2 and the ability to go beyond what profile options MODDB.COM has ever given me. Recently the addition of uploading pictures, wow. Though, a loved feature here is what many members know
A. You're trying to shape into a social community similar to gamespot/myspace
B. You're trying to add features that stimulate the activity of more than just senior members but earning new member traffic.
Let me just show you the inside of a member profile at the website you claim has less than moddb or moddb has equaled it.

Also, I gained 9 friends that are all active in the community and I didn't request a single one of them. Three of them are now on my Xfire and playing BF2 with them. I'm seeing way more options than what MODDB.COM has ever given me. All I'm seeing is options for mods. Mods cannot exist guessed it- GAMES.

You locked the topic because you're afraid of comparisons and options you cannot code or achieve-Understandable
You locked the topic because you're jealous-Why?
You locked the topic because you discourage traffic towards other gaming sites that do not include

I got news for you.

Not only did I join, but several other members also joined it by now.

Just two of them I found:




Ps. No personal hatred towards Scott or any other moddb member. This is just a rant and addresses issues you need to be aware of when bashing other communities.

Gin does the Combine Police

Gin Blog 18 comments

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It has come to my attention that there is a great demand for an actor who can accurately portray the Combine Police. CP's, a vital part of most Source mods- have long since had no extra content from Valve and have had no decent voice actors willing to step up to the plate. My name is Xavier Holland, and I took the challenge. Now, most of you will ask me all kinds of pointless questions about whether or not I will work with you.

The answer is:

Many of you have been wondering how it is I am so creative and so full of energy to do this, the answer is:

Now I hope that all of you enjoy this snippet of me doing some Combine chatter. There is more to come and in individual files for all of you who wish to use my talents. I will be creating a sound ,"pak," filled wth oodles of new Combine voicework. Before anyone of you says its not me, it is and I challenge you to prove otherwise.

I will even accept certain requests and place them into my pak.

Thank you, and enjoy.




With love,


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