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After playing a couple hours into the story I decided that this game is good and has a few flaws that are holding it back from greatnes and the good news is that they can be implemented easily if the developer chose.

Note this game to me isn't realy a space sim like the X-series it more of a Wing Commander or X-wing fighter type game where its all about killing other ships but in a open space enviroment where you can go anywhere.

List of Pro's
-Fun addicting combat
-Interesting story that is keeping my intrest
-Has multiplayer co-op option (untested)
-Things to do outside the main missions like pirate hunting
-Unique cell shaded graphics make this game look fantastic

Con's and things they need to fix.
-Lack of sound while in space, aside from the sound of weapon fire and the faint background music space is silent. Could be fixed by adding ship engine sounds/ increasing the background music its that quite.
-Lack of a tutorial for some of the more unique systems in the game. I have no clue how skill research works.
-Adding dialong box pings when npc try and talk to you. Think I've missed half the conversation because I didn't notice the dialog box pop up. Maybe a typing noise or something while they talk as well.

Other then that the game is good and well worth the price

*Sorry for any spelling errors*

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