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I'm relatively new on the developing scene. I've had an active interest in it since I was a little kid, but not until recently did I have the time to really venture into it and start learning about it. So what am I doing now? I'm studying. A lot. This time it's on my own terms, however. It's all mathematics and science. I'm what you might call a freelance writer, currently working on fleshing out a universe for a massive sci-fi project that might be ready to start getting fleshed out a little more in a couple of years, all depending on how development goes here on my one-man team. Spending a lot of time picking 'the greats' apart, anything that people liked and that I personally loved. This includes the first Deus Ex, Bioshock, Shadow of the Colossus and many others. Of course that's just to sum up a few. I try to get information from the developers themselves as much as possible, watch interviews, see what they're saying, play their games so I can note down how they've executed these elements and so on. Very educational and very interesting to process knowledge this way. On top of that, for my sci-fi project I'm reading a ton of mythology and studying a lot of history as well as talking to some of the leading entrepreneurs of technology and science today, just to get a good grip on making something solid and realistic. However, first things first, I need to create a website where I post all the things I've learned, interviews and my own twist on things etc. both as an educational database but also as a sort of portfolio for people who are interested in entering into this "science" that is making games and how we should approach them.

Ps. a great source for very inspirational interviews with various 'superstars' of the gamemaking world, I highly recommend that you go look at the Critical Path Project (I would have linked it, but since I'm a new member I'm not allowed to do so, sorry for the inconvenience) It's almost an invaluable resource for both old and new people in the world of devs.

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