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Twilight of The Sun King

Mod review - 1 agree

This mod is incredible. Perfect in every way. Units look amazing and are historically accurate. Raising a regiment is totally awesome. The map of Europe is spot on. Muskets sound and look amazing. The cities and towns are beautiful. The rare bugs do not take anything away from the incredible experience this mod offers.

To those people who are having trouble loading the recruiter guy, GET A GOOD PC OR BE PATIENT! The recruiter guy loads in with the town and can take a lot of system power!


Calradia: Imperial Age

Mod review - 1 agree - 6 disagree

What an AMAZING mod! I am a huge history nerd when it comes to this time period and this mod was right up my alley.

The Graphics: Graphics are beautiful and vastly superior to the original game's. Unit textures are awesome and traceable and recognizable to actual nation's uniforms in the era.

EDIT: I am going to keep the rating a 10, but I have noticed some minor graphical glitches that have to do with the player's and soldiers' pants. Gave me a laugh though, heh heh.

The Gameplay: Gameplay with muskets is just outstanding. The muskets are very realistic. Managing a kingdom has never been better and leading that nation to glory through vassals and such is epic.

The Sound: I very much like the sound in the game. The musket shots sound alright, but nowhere near bad or good. I usually listen to loud music when I play video games so this is not a huge factor to my review.

All in all? This mod is incredible. Thank you creator!!!

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