Hey there, i'm a gamer and game developer, Level Design is my choice, but i also do 3d models. I've been making mods and other stuff for Men of War and Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2 (both games are in the same series). i've also been making 3d models for showcases.You may know me as a moderator on the Digitalmindsoft forums.

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If you play any of the MoW series games and do mods for the game, you may know thats i'm doing sets of 3ds max export tutorial videos, which help people get their models and stuff into the game.

Well i'm finally coming to release the second set, which is tanks, which have been delayed due to my ISP doing upgrade work, which has severely affected my internet connection, so i expect to get these up with the max timeframe of next week (or i'm going to be a sad panda...with a bit of anger).

With the amount of stuff thats in the set of tank tutorials, i've managed to fill 5 pages of writing with all the stuff thats goes into it (compared to 1 page for the weapon export), i will be doing bonus tank tutorials filling in the extra stuff, such as AA MG's and multi-cannon tanks, which would extend the pages to about 7 or even 8. The amount of work thats goes into getting these ready is alot....i mean alot, when i did my LVT-4 i had to do some trial and error, which some was a really pain in the behind, but with these tutorials, you will be getting it easy and a breeze.

What to expect, this is a quick rundown, these are all crammed into 7 parts:

1 Basis - (dummy object box that is required)
2 Textures - (i will also be adding normal map and specular map)
3 Tank Tracks - (The way its meant to be made, hard but the easier way)
4 Structure Linking - (linking all the pieces correctly)
5 Object Properties - (extra info)
6 Inverse Kinematics - (makes the engine know what moves, like the turret)
7 Point Helpers - (foresight (aiming), lights and a few extras)
8 Visors - (lets the tank see)
9 Volumes - (includes the new Polyhedron Convex Hull Mesh)
10 ID/Smoothing Groups Tagging - (helps the engine with the armour values)
11 Emiters - (helps the AI know where to enter a vehicle)
12 Seats - (helps the AI know where it can sit or be on a vehicle)
13 Animations - (give it movement and how to get them in-game correctly)
14 Exporting Process - (from 3ds max to the game)
15 Files - (get it working in-game)
16 Coding - (getting animations and lights to work, also a few extras)

So as you can see, alot of hard work for me, with these tutorials, far easier for you, if you learned this my way, it would take 1-2 weeks for you to get everything perfect, with these, possibly a day or two, so i hope people will enjoy these and be happy (i know the Men of the Emperor mod team will be). :-)

Thats my little talk over, back to what i do best and thats more work.


Damn right I'll be happy, I'll have to name someone or something after you now.

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GeneralJ927 Author

Someone? not a person i hope. Knew you would be happy, you'd probably have some fun too.

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By name, I mean a character or a special vehicle in MotE.

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GeneralJ927 Author

Phew! had me concerned there, thinking of a cat named after me. XD

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that sounds like a lot of work, but it'll all be worth it. i'll be giving this a go too at some point, if me and Luth can both export vehicles work will speed up even more.

thanks for the info! :)

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