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World of warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is nearly upon us, just 5 more days and i'll be playing it, i'm rather excited to explore what this expansion will bring. Theres been many that have been dumbing it down, such as the whole "Kung Fu Panda" thing, or its now Childish or its Pokémon, but some of those things have existed in the warcraft world for a very long time.

Rant and Explaining

Kung Fu Panda - people say its like this because it now has the race of pandarians (human like pandas), which they say is a copy of the film, odd thing is that the Pandarans have existed way before that film was even idea'd, they were in Warcraft 3 (apparently Warcraft 2 too), they were also planned to be in The Burning Legion expansion but were chosen not to.

So in theory, the Kung Fu Panda film is actually an exact copy of MoP and Po the panda is actually a Pandaren :-) well that fell on itself. XD


Childish - They say this because apparently fluffy pandas are childish, in some sense yes, but from WoW its a no, the reason why is because Pandarens love their alchohol, even so much that some of their abilities use alchoholic attacks, so really their saying alcoholic pandas is childish. O.o


Pokémon - theres a new pet battle system coming in Mop, people don't like it as it resembles Pokémon, but if you think hard there has always been some type of it in the Warcraft world, even in WC3. To make it easier, think about Hunters and their pets? pet on animal = Pokémon? Enhancement Shamans spirit wolves? animal on animal = Pokémon? randomly walking around the world and you see a wolf attack a rabbit? animal on animal = Pokémon? XD its not that hard.

Just play the expansion, whatever you may think, theres always something around it.

-----------------------End of Rant and Explaining------------------------

When MoP is released, i'll possibly do a lets play/walkthrough of the game from level 85-90 with my warrior exploring Pandaria, will just have to see how my internet decides to go. If the series goes good i'll do other lets plays/walkthroughs of other games and any mods they may have.

As a last note to those that know me, on this day i'm gladfully a year older :-) yep its my birthday. Thats it from me for now.


I don't get the Mists of Pandaria hate either. It's bringing something fresh, and if MMO's are accused of one thing, it's repetition. An expansion doesn't have to always be bigger than the previous; eventually you reach a point where this isn't anymore possible. And by this time, the audience which is used to always bigger expansions is massively disappointed. It's even disappointed if the game grows bigger, jut not big enough.
And of course just adding new over-the-top content makes the previous content look cheap. Gone are the days when one needed more than two weeks to reach the level cap. Nobody remembers the starting regions anymore, because everyone rushes towards the high-level regions. The bosses of dungeons past are laughed at. It's a sad thing for older players, and creators of the original areas alike.
No, Mists of Pandaria seems to me like the creative rest WoW needed on its race to the top. I agree with your blog, and don't worry: Diversity beats quantity in the long run.
Oh, and happy birthday!

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Truely is too much hate at the moment, most of it unneeded, i've been playing since vanilla WoW and played all expansion, i've seen changes which have really improved the game over time.

Although every expansion makes the game bigger, its a good sized bigger, what i've seen with MoP is that it has got really good looking and detailed environments, as for repetition, theres very little of that and with every new expansion it brings something different.

Guess it really is that many do hate change that brings better. And thanks, I enjoyed my day.

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