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Fallout 2 Restoration Project

Mod review

I gave my review in the main comment section.


Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG): Assault Squad

Mod review - 3 disagree

Mod has too many problems making it unplayable. That always gets a 1 from me unless its fixed later, then I'll edit my review. Namely the save and continue to next mission automated process works one time, then after I created a new campaign it stopped working completely which means the mod is totally unplayable.

I hate it when mods and games force hardcore play on the user. This game only lets you save one time, which ends the game when you're done playing a mission, which means you have to be a flawless hardcore player... and most people won't like that, including me. Gamers should always be given a choice of how they want to play, instead of having someone else's agenda or opinion forced on them. If the game were playable, this would hurt the score a lot.

The unit purchase screen is bugged. If you decide you don't want a unit and delete it from the units you've chosen... you don't get the credits back that the unit was worth. Instead, those credits remain subtracted lost in an abyss and you can't get them back. Obviously a bug.

I also think the unit selection in the unit purchase screen could have been designed a lot better. Every time you create a new campaign, it randomly chooses what units you're ALLOWED to purchase... instead of using a more convenient balancing system that allows a better selection. So if you don't like the selection, you have to start over and make a new campaign. It took 14 tries to get the units I wanted... I almost quit completely, but it gave me the units I wanted on the last try. Very VERY annoying!!!

The install and set up is time consuming and really inconvenient. It should be fully automated instead, with clear step by step instructions and help tips.

The Operations Screen with the maps is confusing, even after reading the instructions, and should be revisited by the author with a better explanation.

Very nice mod idea for MoW:AS, but it has way too many problems and needs some TLC. I hope the author didn't give up on it.


World of Tanks

Game review - 2 agree - 4 disagree

Terrible game. Clearly made by immature people who don't understand strategy or tactics, probably the kind of people who whine when you use a perfectly sound and hard to achieve tactic to win. Not a game for people who would enjoy a tank simulation game that is even just remotely realistic. Between invincible and invisible tanks, this game is cheap and fails to allow the use of tactics and strategies commonly used in tank warfare.

I played this with a group of people. We all hated it and uninstalled it. Total waste of time. This game has a lot of hype, but no substance, and is the product of a minimalistic childish mind.

The biggest problem with this game and why it has such a big hype is most people who hate it simply move on to another game without a word. Few of them actually review it. Most of the reviews come from fanboys.


System Shock 2

Game review

Borderland Vivid Mod

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

I don't understand the point of this... you can achieve the same thing with video card settings and game options.


Modular Combat

Mod review

Second Life

Game review - 3 agree - 3 disagree

Hell no


Rainy Days

Mod review - 10 disagree

I won't play a game about US Marines, thats NOT in English. I mean seriously, what the hell? That makes no sense! I won't feel submerged into a gaming experience, if it isn't even in a language I can understand... especially when its a game about US marines.


Slums 2

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

I liked the original mod more than the sequel. Why the hell is it called the slums if most of the maps don't take place in the slums? WTF? Sorry, but if you're going to name a mod the slums, and you start out in the slums... thats where you should spend most of your time. Not underground. Lame.


Gratuitous Space Battles

Game review - 4 agree - 3 disagree

At first I really liked this game... especially for the price I payed. Then it started to feel really monotonous and excessively difficult to a point where I felt like throwing something out a window. Even though you can set a lot of peramiters on how the AI behaves, the AI is still pretty stupid. You can't intervene AT ALL and have to just sit back and watch the battles, which is the most annoying thing I've ever experienced. It wouldn't be so bad if the AI wasn't so stupid, but still I want to actually have SOME control over what's going on. Interesting approach to a strategy game, but a total failure in my book.

Also... it feels cheap, the graphics suck, there's no substance... it just feels very mediocre like a five dollar flash game. I'm sorry I spent the couple dollars I spent on this game, I don't even think it was worth that.

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