A coder living near berlin in a little city called "eberswalde". I finished my university bachelor degree in "landuse and nature conversation" but am full of love and passion for video and pc games. I have done a lot of computerwork for mods in various disciplines but actually become good at coding after quite a while. My favourite gameengine is unity3D and I really fell in love with C# and visual studio. I still have to learn a lot - but im quite fast in that. By the way: I am one of the people who will get a Occulus Rift and visiting my own VR worlds with all the rules I apply to them, muhahaha - this will be great!

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"Graphics and moddelling work is nice to show, scripts arent. At least most of them. So im very proud to have something really new and never seen for you!
The gameplay features for The Gritty Zone are enhanced by the reputation rumor scheme. Schemes are AI-actions which could be executed by stalkers, or even mutants. The most famous are rulix´s grenade throwing scheme for Shadow of Chernobyl or the facer-punch which is even used in Call of Pripjat by some mods.
In The Gritty Zone friends are strong and actually really helpful. With the horn feature you could call them for help and with reputation rumors they will tell other stalkers about you and your doings. Ingame this results in a spreading friendly reputation in which your befriended Stalkers could make other for they neutral stalkers friendly towards you. This is coupled with an in vanilla not so often seen mechanism in which friendly squads sometimes come to help you out (even without horn, but much slower and in a smaller scale!). So be excited for getting this feature in your HDD.
gannebamm,lead scripter of The Gritty Zone"