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Boson X

Game review

Really fun game with a neat idea. Nice cel-shaded graphics and catchy music. Found the later levels really challenging.


Polygon Storm

Game review

A very straightforward game with a lot of variety. I really like how the game appeared to evolve the more you play it, starting silent with very basic shapes to unlocking sound effects, music, GUI features to shapes and colours.

Only issues are that the game is a bit too simplistic, maybe later on you could have power ups that either help or hinder your gameplay with speed adjustment or size.

Otherwise, a decent game to own.


Voxel Runner

Game review - 4 agree - 5 disagree

So I keep reading people complaining that this is a copy of Bit.Trip Runner. I cannot deny that claim myself, being a fan of the Bit.Trip Series and all, but it's clear that so few of you complainers have even bothered to play this game.

First off, the controls are clear and straight forward. Each time a new ability becomes available, you are notified with a bright and colourful block pattern effect with text to describe what the ability is and what button you use, shortly followed by at least two levels to get you comfortable. It is a really nice touch and makes the game really easy to get into.

One of my gripes about Bit.Trip Runner was what happens when you mess up. In the original version, one hit meant you go all the way back to the start of the level. It was inconsistant to how mistakes were dealth with in past games, and it ruined the levels by making them a chore to go through huge portions, just to get past small points. While RUNNER 2 had a checkpoint, the size of the levels didn't help reduce the issue.

While Voxel Runner has this issue, it has the advantage of each level being much shorter. Meaning when you make a mistake, you won't feel that you have to go through much, and once you get past the obstacles, you can move on.

There are also unique features of Voxel Runner's gameplay. The rope swing is a neat mechanic that adds timing to a speed based runner style of gameplay, the mini-cubes that alter the level also adds a great sense of challenge.

The graphics and music are to a very high standard, which for a game that was originally an XBLA Indie title, isn't suprising. The shading and the model designs are clear, the effects such as the particle trail are bright and colourful. The volume levels in the background is a nice touch.

The music is also great, really upbeat and catchy. If the music is available to download now, I'll get it as soon as this is posted.

Voxel Runner is worth the value, and I can't wait to see more work from this guy.



Engine review

A very well built and optimized 2D and 3D programming framework. While some parts are restrictive, this is the most suitable platform for anyone wanting to make games and learn programming.

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