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Very good work!

I'll start by prefacing that recently I have been on a kick playing the original Wolf3d in DosBox. I hadn't played Wolf3d since it originally came out in the early 90s'. Yes I am that old to have played the orig version just hot off the press! :)

After playing for a while I thought that wouldn't it be cool to make a 3D version that stayed as close to the original version as possible. I am a bit of a game developer myself. It could be done in Unity to save time. After a brief web search to see if someone else had already done it you can imagine my surprise to find your game.

I have on older PC and it played pretty fast using the medium graphics settings.

Things done well:
- Graphics. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the graphics. I liked that they looked pretty close to the original textures. Lighting and texture bump mapping was great!
- Game play pretty close to original
- Game levels close to original.
- Controls included single key strafe left and right which does actually depart from original game which required you to hold a key while pressing left or right mapped keys. When you get used to 'A' and 'D' being strafing left and right its hard to go back!
- Title screens, transition effects and menus were all done very well.

Things that can be improved:
- Scenes were a little too dark even though the lighting was cool. While there is gamma control it still looked dark.
- Scenes felt too big. The character and player scale needs to be bumped up a little bit.
- Enemy kill on easy wasn't easy. Took multiple shots to kill. Original game took only single shot and kill zone on enemy was bigger.
- Reload delay. Argh, didn't like that feature at all. This was not in the original game. To be fair I haven't gone through all of the menus, maybe you can disable it.

So are you continuing with this project?

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