Hello. I´m an argentinean amateur game developer, who published some relatively popular projects. I hope you have fun playing my stuff.

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A tidy project that nails the original game´s quality on the head. Beautiful big picture, good pacing, good combat. Just missing story elements and a proper ending.


The Closure

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I reviewed it at RunThinkShootLive, this is the most revelant excerpt: The layouts are messy and confusing. There is no such thing as cover, some enemies shoot you from impossible to spot locations, and there are some unnecessary mazes. The criteria for decorative vs functional buttons and/or doors is strange too. And the music tracks are of very different styles from each other and hardly match the game momentum. I loved the flares and halos though!


Deadfall Adventures

Game review

Transmissions - Element 120

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This mod is amazing. I was really tempted to try it when i saw the shots and then somehow i got bored because i was stuck on a puzzle and left it abandoned for some weeks, then when resumed it i was so glad i did. It is probably the best looking source mod i played and quite clever with its special features, fancy effects and unique gameplay mechanics. I dont have a lot more of things to say, it´s quite short and plot bare, but i can´t find words to emphatize enough how outstanding its design is.


The Masked Prisoner

Mod review

There´s a disconnection between gameplay and visual quality that impede me to rate it higher. This is what I posted on the Interlopers thread:

I insist on it being a shame to let this work unpolished. Both combat and layout ranged from good to great, with a noticeable increase in quality near the ending. I really liked the progressive, COD-like gameplay, even if I don´t like COD. It felt great on this mod and somewhat reminded me to Long Year Alarm. Some assault scheduled ended abruptly though, leaving cops standing still, offering their bodies as cannon fodder. I know for first hand it´s something difficult to avoid and/or fix, but considering you went all for gameplay experience, they should have been revised.

The combine outpost was a bit abstract but no big deal. I really liked the new voices and how well the girl did Alyx. It is a shame you didn´t include subtitles, some of us still need them :D

SPOILER The final revelation was the cherry of the cake. Good work!



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I finished it in less time than what takes me to write this short review. The concept is cool and the design is good but that´s it. A 5 minutes mod in which you get to plant a few vegetals.


Half Life : Climbox

Mod review

Unconsistent design, and bad gameplay setting. Random autosaves that got me in a loop of death. Sorry but I only liked the first room and the initial fight against the metrocop and his manhack.


The Citizen Returns

Mod review - 1 agree

This is a great work, a long episode with story and variety. Loved the amount and quality of voice actors and general NPC scripting, while it felt amateur it yet managed to be quite good and added lot of fun without relying on cheap tricks. Some maps were difficult to navigate, some design and gameplay choices questionable. But all in all the effort paid off. Found most of the staircases horribly vertical and some quests a bit annoying. Couldn´t save the guy at the plaza, i chosed to be undercover but I didnt know what to do. I remember some guy telling me instructions but I forgot about them past getting the combine suit.



Mod review

Very good map, on the lines of the original game. Tidily built and polished as no other. Doesn´t really innovate in any area but it´s excepcionally well executed. Fair yet challenging gameplay, good flow, impeccable lighting, good illusion of choice, etc. Just like the real game.


Duke Hard

Mod review may contain spoilers

A solid and consistent level of quality throughow the whole episode. In 2014 having this kind of mods for a 18 years old game puts all other communities on shame :)

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