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Texturing maps

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Personally, to me texturing is the most important part of a good map next to terrain; but I feel that it can also be the hardest part for many reasons: You have to be able to know which textures can complement each other well (it's not really a problem unless your making multiple maps, you don't want to use the same old sets over and over again), you have to be patient because it takes by far the longest time on the map, you have to be able to texture good which can be extremely hard to beginners.

However the payoff can be great, when a map is textured well it just stands out from everything else and feels great to look back and reflect on when it was made.


future4 Blog

Alright, one thing I feel like I could do for my maps is scripting since they will eventually need that because they will be incorporated into some sort of campaign.
The problem is that scripting can be pretty tricky on bfme 2 world builder (that program has a reaaaalllllyyyy steep learning curve also), and when you finally get to the scripting section there's so much stuff that you could spend hours looking for the right script, and then that's only one, to get a good scripted map you need several to actually get it to do something, and don't even get me started on making cinematics...


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Man, I sure do love mapping, but sometimes I wonder if there is more to it then what I'm doing; like when I compare myself to other bfme 2 mappers I always feel like I suck even though people say I'm pretty good. One thing I feel that I could improve on is prop placement, if anyone reads' this blog, please respond. (I need to get better and y'all have some good constructive criticism)

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