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Funk606 @ Intro to NTW3

StaffSargeant20, normal you can adjust graphic settings in the game menu, else if you feel like you want to have more control over just what the game use of settings, go into the script file, it will be in your user / Appdata / Roaming / Creative / Script, there you can adjust scroll turn rate down to a special number from 100 to 0, you can adjust tree detail from 0 to 5 (the numbers r just example's), it's not a lot of things you will find in the script file that is not in the option menu in the game, but one thing I always go into the script file and change, is the camera view, change it from 0 to 2 = debug, and u r able to zoom all the way into the beard of your general, check it out, also read about the dif. setting that are in Nvidia / AMD settings, some might help a lot to adjust just a tine bit, like shadows, unless u r running a Titan GPU, the huge numbers of units, and size, combined with all the smoke, can tend to lag a bit, but tinker with the graphic settings, c where your limit for good quality graphic is.
Also remember that unless I'm mistaken, you will be able to set all to "ultra", but if your GPU / CPU r not able to run the game / battle at the settings, it will just adjust the settings a bit, and make a log for what it did auto set to a lower lvl that what you did pick, it's smart enough, as its made so the game should not crash, but unless you know about it, many will think "Why is my game looking like ****, when all is set to ultra".
Here is a link u might be able to use 4 something, if your script file cant figure out how much Vram you have:

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Funk606 @ Intro to NTW3

MrHandsom,Been some time, cant remember if Napoleon got 2 DVD's, if it do, then must mean that you should insert next DVD, if when you insert DVD, start to autoplay, close that, and go back to the setup asking for the 2 disk, point it to the Disk you just did insert, it will B looking 4 one file, as soon you r at the right dif = 2 DVD, you will c the file its looking for, dobbelt click it, and it should pick up installing again!

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