Working on some characters.... practice projects in UDK if you want an amateur character designer I could use the practice >> if you want help or have suggestions let me know! >> zbrush >> 3ds >> UDK

RSS Making a mini game in UDK

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the game will be loosely based on Olympus/ Atlantis hybrid with mermaid/merman mythology and talking sea creatures. .... generally the premise is the main character is Poseidon's daughter the turtle is the house butler/first companion.... starts in old volcano lava tubes where Otis the sea turtle wanders off.... he is dopey and forgetful and by chance you find out that the volcano which Atlantis is right on-top of is not dormant anymore.

it will be 3rd person adventure rpg type game

well i finished the cave and 3 pawns ill be using in udk.... they need allot of tweaking but the basic mesh is there.

2 things ill be Googleing like crazy--- AI in unreal. and making it look like your underwater in unreal.

i have a feeling ill be bashing my head against the wall allot ;)

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