Leader from FREEDOM SKIES Workshop and CUSTOMSEVEN tutorial series, Ex-leader of now abandoned Project Custom Horizon(ACAH Modding). Audiovisual and 3D Modeling hobbyist when possible.

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-FREEDOM SKIES F.A.N.C.R.A is ALWAYS subject to changes mostly Moddb, Nexus, and Steam user pages, experienced users, or non-commercial coypright holders always feel free to read the entire thing about legal doubts, and to avoid starting drama when Rythus, or members part of FREEDOM SKIES didn't made part of illegal acts or drama alert.

-FREEDOM SKIES team it's a indepedent personal workshop team from RythusOmega for modding showcase and other members mod share/divulgation.

-The Main Goal of FREEDOM SKIES is, the leader of it, RythusOmega share and learn knowledge and make video tutorials explaining how to make visual mods to Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown, considering the game uses Unreal Engine 4, know for some commercial games supporting native light mod support. Know that the director of the team, Kazutoki Kono, said it find interresing the custom skins made by users idea, from the times when the older project of Rythus was made, Project Custom Horizon(using Texmod/uMod to replace textures from Ace Combat : Assault Horizon, the Black Sheep of the series, despite a spinoff, not at the main series), and ACX modding, which was probably bulletpoints of allowance.

-FREEDOM SKIES works are non-commercial, any action of reselling the game by grey market terms, including mods made by Rythus, or any mods at Moddb/Nexus as a bulletpoint, is considered a illegal act, and as fast as possible, by BNEI, PA, the community, or even the public services of defense orders, stop selling those right now, if you brought some of those for mods mostly, ask for a refund and help of police/law services, and start downloading mods on their original sources, which is Moddb and Nexus, where most of them will always get constant updates by the original authors.

-FREEDOM SKIES respect the rights of Bandai Namco Entertainment(BNEI) and Project Aces(PA), FREEDOM SKIES, nor RythusOmega excludes relation to any ACE COMBAT 7 datamine information share/use/leak(excluding moddable assets), if at some point a malicious user decides to violate the limits of the modding scenario, abusing to Multiplayer cheating side avoiding the anti-cheat program, or acting in advanced modding area without allowance of i and mostly Project Aces. One of the actions of the two would be removing the "~"(tilde) mechanism(known before as ~mods mechanism) from the game entirely, trying to debate and argue into the return of the function will not be possible by the weak niche reputation Ace Combat has, and Bandai Namco current interests, be it public, or personal.

-FREEDOM SKIES avoid begin part of and interact in internet dramas, be Ace Combat community related, or not, obviously at some point it happens, but main focus of the project, and RythusOmega non-commercial business is working at content for the players, if Rythus start to act differently, begin acting as a heartless, or doing abusive acts, the user mostly are free to unfollow, block, report, boycott, or try to convince that i, RythusOmega, to wake up and stop doing wrong acts, but not leading to internet "troll" or heartless person type of behaivour in a try of suicidal tentatives.

Texture Modding Terms of Service

-FREEDOM SKIES does not responsiblize, or is involved, in mods which content are sexual(cartoon, be it western, oriental, or semi-/photo realistic decipition), explicit violence(i.e. realistic human gore), vandalism, hateful, and low effort troll(some Joke Mods not included depending of the context). as obvious for X, Z, any Gen, and everyone in internet, is impossible in any ways block those type of content to happen at a quickest time. At some point they will appear, our only tool we had as a option to avoid those, are reporting to Moddb/Nexus staff, but will not exclude the fact those can be rehosted in obscure or known uploading platforms for a niche fandom.

-FREEDOM SKIES doesn't cover ACE COMBAT 7 exploit methods, be with tools to unlock DLC content, and Cheat Engine editing for malicious Multiplayer cheating. Save Editing is a exception considering Rythus agree at some part, the restriction of the save files to each account turns into an annoying aspect, and when a corruption happens with your 100% file, you would need a external tool to recover at least, Single Player elements, but not use this as an excuse to claim "i'm best Ace Combat player, finished all of the games with S-RANK!, seen on my 'saves' ".

Future Model Porting/Modification Terms of Service

-FREEDOM SKIES, as always, be part of Rythus, or the co-workers, will ask permission first but mostly for using non-commercial 3D models of specific aircraft(e.g. F-105 Thundercheif), there are chances it will be allowed, others will not work. But mostly as said before, Rythus refuses any connection to other user behaivour of porting 3D models, without permission of the creator first, nor i resposible for the drama that will happen. additional information about ;

*Porting existing game models(e.g. Battlefield 4, HAWX, War Thunder) don't need such specific credits by mostly begin a common thing on modding community.

*Flight Simulation X/P3D modules, be it freeware mostly, need first a reach of the original author for permission, depending of cases, those will contains a EULA of not allowing porting of the same.

*DIGITAL COMBAT SIMULATOR(DCS) WORLD(Free/Payware) and FLIGHT SIMULATION X >PAYWARE< module models are HIGHLY DISCOURAGED to begin ported into other games, by involving commercial companies, strict EULA, and DMCA legal information that can turn into serious problems.

-FREEDOM SKIES doesn't approve making payware mods for Ace Combat 7 Skies Unkown. Commissions unless it's made by personal side, not turning into an public e-commerce, is tolerated. If people starts to trying to gain funds by doing this, the only thing i had to say that good luck when trying to discuss with Bandai Namco...

-Depending of Original Aircraft(e.g. ADF-01 Falken) or existing IRL ones, if an DLC, official texture skin or model is released, FREEDOM SKIES mostly will avoid to create those type of mods at the moment, exceptions would be improbable aircraft to debut(e.g. ASF-X Shinden, R-101 Delphinus#1). Modifying an existing in-game model into a other variant(e.g. Advanced Super Hornet) is totally allowed, due those turns into interresing results by kitbashing, along as scratch made models from zero are encouraged too, despite it depends of the user that wants to do hard work for a personal project.


Kono and Shimomoto Interview to a Korean newsletter, including a mods question before game release(origin of licensee dillema from model porting) :

Translation of the interview bits by SlyCopperFan1 :

Japanese Alienware interview about Ace Combat 7 translated by TaskForce23, which Kono and Shimomoto mentions AC7 Ultrawide Mod by WSGF, along as a similar POV of modding of the Korean one, listed in Pt.1 :

Kono's regards about datamining coverage of Ace Combat 7 with Bandai Namco Japan's answer :

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Ace Combat Modding Group

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The ModDB source for Ace Combat X, JA, and AH Mods! More than a few steps needed, but results are sharp!

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