15 years old, brown hair + eyes. Quite tall. Love to make maps ;). Been mapping for about 2-3 years, still going. Love Portal and Half-life 2 (where's episode 3?). Live in Sweden with my family. Parents, 2 sisters and 2 dogs.

Guess that's it ;).

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Freeman-Khan Blog 1 comment

Most of you who know of me probably know that I'm one of the mappers for the mod Portal:Awakening.
And in this blog post I just wanted to talk a little about it and my time with it.
Awakening has been my biggest mapping time consumer since summer and it is indeed close to me. And I feel happy to see that there are a lot of people who actually look forward to it. It warms my heart as much as it makes me nervous to be honest. When we started it was a bit unstable, people were joining and leaving and people sent in random maps they wanted to be featured. But after some time we got a stable team and we knew somewhat what the story should be like. We want so much to be in this mod and we do our best to put it in there. And it is taking shape in one way or another. But with this time limitation (School, homework, feeding my addiction to minecraft T_T) it might not include all things we first wanted to have.

Also if you're reading this I also want to tell you that you shouldn't expect all things you've seen in the screenshots to be included. A lot of the latest ones obviously will, but maybe not some of those first ones. In whatever form this mod will be released we just try to make sure you guys have FUN. And with so much expectations about this mod I'm feeling extremely flattered! But again nervous. So take this as a "Thank you all for supporting us! I really hope you guys like it!"

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Freeman-Khan Blog
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