Hi all, I am a young and aspiring Indie Game Developer for the Unreal Development Kit. I have a large host of skills including anything and everything level design, basic sound design, 3D Modeling, vfx production, video editing, and writing. In addition, I am leading an indie team, Dark Synergy Studios, on our first title: Wake Up Call.

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Hey guys, recently I actually started playing Starcraft 2 again after a few months of inactivity, and I am loving it. It's almost as if I rediscovered the game. The first time back, placed in the silver league and quickly rose to number 7 in my division. I love the game, and I never really liked it this much since I bought it, and the reason is fairly simple. I learned how I play.

I am not good in the late game, which means I have to win fast. Now, I usually play as Terran, sometimes going as Zerg (trying to learn a good strategy for them) which means I usually do a modified 4-rax rush. Now, if I don't win within the first 10-15 min, I will pretty much assuredly lose. As zerg, I am playing around with the classic six-pool rush and trying to get a good version of it that I like.

Now I know this was short and that I said 'now' too many times, but I was a bit bored and just wanted to share some gamer-related news with my crowd (which is small). I would appreciate any comments that you give me just telling me to blog more often, and, if you guys out there do post some comments, I will be sure to blog more often.

Peace, and thanks for reading this small ramble.
--Millan aka fragfest2012

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