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We want you!

News 13 comments

Hey folks, quick little note here just to say I am currently looking for a few more mod authers to join our ranks. Basically all the job would require...

Day of Defeat Source PRELOAD Begins!

News 1 comment

Taken from SteamPowered.com: Day of Defeat®: Source™, the latest version of Valve's popular WWII online action game, is available now for pre-load...

Dedication Award!

The Hunted Chronicle 3 5 comments

Hey guys! Every week we give a new mod an award and this week its' no different! Check out the award this week which went to The Hunted Chronicle...

Database Errors

News 11 comments

We are aware of the database issues that are occuring at when visiting mod profiles and we are working to resolve them for you. We apologize for any inconvenience...

Half-Life 2

Originality Award!

Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II 24 comments

As usual, there is an award given to a particular mod every Monday! This weeks award goes to Pirates Vikings and Knights II for their complete and utter...

Craptastic Chatback!

News 5 comments

On tonights show with thanks to Gamestah Radio, as per usual I will be on the Radio with the new segment "What the ForK!" In this weeks segment...

Battlefield 2

Visual Delight Award!

Battlefield: Apocalypse 3 comments

For those who have not seen it yet, there has been a new Award given out for this week! Battlefield Apocalypse has taken out the Visual Delight award...

modDB & Gamestah Radio

News 10 comments

For those that don't know, Gamestah Radio is one of the biggest, if not the best Australian Online Gaming Radios! Fortuantly for modDB we were invited...

The Hunted Chronicle 3 Interview!

The Hunted Chronicle 3

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that has done an interview with concearning his new upcoming mod, The Hunted Chronicle 3 which we have posted up...

Where's Wally?

News 15 comments

Hi folks, we seem to have lost our new spannerish mascot Wally! See what you can do to help and what sort of rewards you will be able to pick up if you...

Free Play Promo Video

News 33 comments

For those that wanted to get their hands on the video we showed at our booth at the recent Free Play expo, we have now uploaded a high and low res version...

Someone new and some Features!

News 11 comments

Hey folks! Just letting you know that over the next few weeks I will be adding a few more staff to the crew here at moddb.This will most likely mean more...

Some more Features!

News 5 comments

Just keeping you folks up-to-date with the latest interviews here on moddb. Make sure you have a gander at them all! CarmaGordon Interview By ShadowLore...

Ding Dong

Ding Dong

News 27 comments

Ding Dong Gang Dingaling Dong Hi folks. Hope you liked my impression of Wedding Bells ... yes thats correct, wedding bells. Why wedding bells you ask?...

New Staff are Official!

News 22 comments

For some time now (2 weeks) some fine gents were given one dot as they were put on 'trial' to become leet members of moddb. Well, now I'm...


News 35 comments

Just like to post a quicky that the applications for staff are now closed! I have had many many many applications and I don't think I can take any...

Join the elite 'Krew'!!

News 38 comments

Hey everyone! It's that time again. That's right, moddatabase is recruiting again! With v2 has come alot of new ideas and new features! Now...

More Games Added!

News 8 comments

The games list here at ModDB:moddb: is yet again growing larger. It has had 4 more additions: GTA: San Andreas Joint Operations C&C: Tiberian Sun Star...

New HL² Screenshots!

New HL² Screenshots!

News 12 comments

There's been reports that PC Gamespy has over 30 more exclusive and new screenshots! Images Courtesy of Gamespy.Com I've had a looky at them...

The need to know of HL²

News 2 comments

pc.IGN.com have written a 4 page review on Half-Life² in the anticipation of more upcoming reviews and the 'Going gold' announcement. They...

New Reviews!

News 4 comments

News staffers San-J and Steelwind have both completed their first moddb reviews! San-J has reviewed No One Lives Forever and Steelwind has reviewed the...

Welcome to potential Staffers

News 2 comments

Just like to quickly announce that we have chosen 3 people out of the 200+ that applied for the new Staff as a Feature Writer. , and are the guys! So...

Join the Mod Database 'krew'!

News 45 comments

These jobs have now been filled! More info coming tomorrow. So, you think your a little bit of a games and mod wiz? Want to be a part of a fantastic group...

Games Added!

News 2 comments

The games list here at ModDB has had 3 additions: Dawn of War Battle for Middle-earth Age of MythologyIf you have any suggestions for games that are currently...

Games Added!

News 4 comments

The games list here at ModDB:moddb: has had 3 additions: Crimsonland Tribes: Vengeance Rome: Total WarIf you have any suggestions for games that are currently...

MOTM - Seasons Forever!

Seasons Forever 5 comments

Hey everyone! This months "Mod of the Month" is Seasons Forever! Here is a little snippet from an interview I had with the team leader, jian: ForK: Ok...

Games added to the modDB.

News 10 comments

Few more games have been added into the modDB lineup: Ground Control II Arcanum Fallout 2 If you have any suggestions for other games to be added to the...

Submitting a Mod

News 47 comments

Hi guys, I just wanted to have a litte chat to you. Since no one seems to read their PM's, here's the latest goss for you. Basically, people obviously...

Half-Life 2

A Horse of Course!

Gettysburg 8 comments

Woo it's that time of week again, just to update you with some more Gettysburg models! This here be the beginnings, and near end, of our lovely horse...

Half-Life 2

Gettysburg On the Radio

Gettysburg 2 comments

Hey everyone. Just want to let you know that Smashed and myself from Gettysburg will be on HL Radio getting interviewed at 5pm PST, Thurdsay the 19th...

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