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ARMA: Cold War Assault

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i cant get enough of this game. i always play it even though i really want to play Arma 3 but i cant on my very ****** laptop. this game is better than most of the latest Ofp which is what it was at first and its always good to go back in time to play an old game as fun as this.
this game survived 11 years of fame and to that i say congrats Ofp cold war crisis and Arma, cold war assault


Cold War Crisis

Mod review

Dead Island

Game review - 1 agree

this game was one of those games you just need to get if you are a zombie fanatic.
ever since I first layed eyes on this game I have known it was going to be awesome.
the character animation along with the gun animation could of taken some work that lost it two marks.
the story is magnificent and so is the experience.
you will have a great time playing this and I recommend it to all zombie fans.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review

I love this game...
it will leave you terrified and unaware on what is going to happen next.
at every turn it will leave you breathless.
this is a game that will be remembered in history.
'I would of rated more but on the time I rated this I was a new member'
a 10 out of 10 I say.

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