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Forecast: Combat Planning Preview

Hey everyone!

A quick demo showing off Forecast's Combat and Planning systems ( We've finished the Sands of Time level, added various detailed mechanics to the combat and planning systems and have most of the core gameplay in!

We'll be starting up a DevLog series in the coming weeks to detail what we're working on, where Forecast is going and more information about how exactly our Simultaneous Strategy game works.

Below you can see a brief introduction to the project, links to our website and social media pages as well as some general information on development.

What is Forecast?

Forecast is a Simultaneous Strategy game. Once a fearsome Wizard, now a soul trapped in Purgatory. You control a team of Magical Constructs from afar to uncover powerful artefacts, gather lost knowledge and destroy all who would stand in your way on your quest for revival.

The core gameplay of Forecast focuses on a planning phase and an action phase. Simultaneous strategy means that both your team AND all opposing teams will carry out planned actions at the same time.

​All attacks will be in the form of powerful area or directional spells. There is no hit chance, so no missing those 99% shots! If your spell collides with a unit, it's going to feel it.

How can I stay in the loop?




Development Info:

  • Genre - Fantasy, Simultaneous Strategy

  • SP/MP - Singleplayer Story with plans for Multiplayer PvP

  • Engine - Unreal Engine 4

  • Developers - A 2 man team who both work professionally as Software Developers in the UK

  • Launch - We're planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Summer 2019

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