My name, as one might guess is Kriss and at the moment I am 17 years old. Quite passionate for all things visual, and if digital - even more! Been using Blender for 2 years now, learning something new every two days. I'm also into poster design (via Inkscape and Photoshop) and a bit of street-art (via posters) as well.. :P Don't be a stranger..

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I havent been active for quite some time, but thats because my PC has died and I havent found the solution yet, I will dig out my old (just a bit older than the current) CPU and will try to locate the problem..
So for now Im stuck with my laptop, its not that bad really, only that I just had to do a final animation render for a pretty cool mini-contest, and now I have appearantly missed it :-/
On a more positive note : Doing stuff on my laptop might teach me efficiently use system resources (it lags terribly at 130K polys). Also I have finished a story-board for my test short film (it started out as an animation test but I took it a bit further) I think that it might teach me the workflow and other things about managing this kind of stuff.. (I will also try to find a sound/music guru for the project when it gets to that phase)
But for now until I will fix my PC (it would be silly of me to hope that someone would fix it for me/replace components :-/) I am making a platformer game in Blender! For now I have made a test enviroment with a working cube character! When I get back home (Im in the country side now) I will post some screenshots of my "work" to replace this boring slab of text..

If you enjoy smaller WIP's of mah works you can follow me on twitterz : Kriss_Nelietis
P.S sorry for the slab of text and poor organization, I am boored(talkative) and typing this from my phone..

Flash112 Author

Btw Im not mentining twitter because I feel spammy, its just that I want keep moddb for more or less finished stuff :)

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