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While geocaching we ride past an old abandoned factory which is now turned into an unfinished super-mall.. At first I was displeased about turning it into a supermarket (It was quite iconic to our neighborhood) It was Rigas Radio Factory, in soviet times it supplied all the soviet union with high quality audio systems, as far as I know they are still somewhat operational, creating some niche audio things (though not even near at the old scale of things)
I must admit that this factory was dead ugly, but you know, with a certain kind of charm.. Only a part of it is reconstructed, the other, interesting part is still empty.. Anywho, I being adventurous suggested that maybe we could explore it a bit, so we went to the other side, HUGE walls with no windows were going up in the sky, it was surely a sight to see..However, there was a hole in this wall, we went through this hole and took our bikes inside as well.. The inside was amazingly creepy, gigantic room, completely empty with few fliers of the products that used to be made in the 60s-70s, even though we were a bit nervous about my idea - we went upstairs.. With each new floor uncovering a bit of the history of this monster of a building.. We just went up and up with, for a factory, somewhat lavish staircases - truly impressive..As we went up there was a fragment of a wall, made out of these rectangular glass cubes..there were two gunshots, we though that it was simply someone testing out their gun (it would be a perfect place after all). We made it almost to the top..but a writing, spray-painted on the wall in russian (I am fairly good at Russian) made us cringe:
"Go left to reach the sky..RUN down the 61st step"
The writing was fairly big, though you could see that it was spray painted in a hurry of sorts..
And while all the staircases were well lit by sunlight, the staircase with the writing was hauntingly dark, so we decided it was time to go back (also, there was a sticker with a recent security label). We being slightly scared ignored this "61st step" hint, we werent THAT adventurous.. Anyhow, while going down the staircase, there was something that made us go faster, in a quick pace, just to get out.. Another writing on a very dusty, huge mirror :
"Beware, He is close, watching you" and on the same mirror there was a pentagram with some symbols around it and a happy stick figure holding an axe..
Yeah, we quickly made it outside, that was quite an expirience.. However, this place and the surroundings are perfect for reference shots and a beautiful place for photography, so once I get a decent camera, we (with some other friends) will surely visit again..


What is geocaching? Anyway a good experience heh? That is one of that which when you come to house you are so excited and everybody on your family tries to know what did you do or where did you go to? because they are truly jealous about you´re looking so good!

A little bit frightening that pentagram, axe and those stupid and crazy russiand words, maybe heh?

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Flash112 Author

Indeed, it's very interesting.. Mixes up a treasure quest with urban exploration and velo tourism.. :D (Write Geocaching in wikipedia to get a better explanation )

Indeed, it was quite a fright, felt like in a Slender game for a moment.. :D

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