My name, as one might guess is Kriss and at the moment I am 17 years old. Quite passionate for all things visual, and if digital - even more! Been using Blender for 2 years now, learning something new every two days. I'm also into poster design (via Inkscape and Photoshop) and a bit of street-art (via posters) as well.. :P Don't be a stranger..

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Music visualization!

Flash112 Blog

Wanted to practice a bit animating to music..

While geocaching we ride past an old abandoned factory which is now turned into an unfinished super-mall.. At first I was displeased about turning it into a supermarket (It was quite iconic to our neighborhood) It was Rigas Radio Factory, in soviet times it supplied all the soviet union with high quality audio systems, as far as I know they are still somewhat operational, creating some niche audio things (though not even near at the old scale of things)
I must admit that this factory was dead ugly, but you know, with a certain kind of charm.. Only a part of it is reconstructed, the other, interesting part is still empty.. Anywho, I being adventurous suggested that maybe we could explore it a bit, so we went to the other side, HUGE walls with no windows were going up in the sky, it was surely a sight to see..However, there was a hole in this wall, we went through this hole and took our bikes inside as well.. The inside was amazingly creepy, gigantic room, completely empty with few fliers of the products that used to be made in the 60s-70s, even though we were a bit nervous about my idea - we went upstairs.. With each new floor uncovering a bit of the history of this monster of a building.. We just went up and up with, for a factory, somewhat lavish staircases - truly impressive..As we went up there was a fragment of a wall, made out of these rectangular glass cubes..there were two gunshots, we though that it was simply someone testing out their gun (it would be a perfect place after all). We made it almost to the top..but a writing, spray-painted on the wall in russian (I am fairly good at Russian) made us cringe:
"Go left to reach the sky..RUN down the 61st step"
The writing was fairly big, though you could see that it was spray painted in a hurry of sorts..
And while all the staircases were well lit by sunlight, the staircase with the writing was hauntingly dark, so we decided it was time to go back (also, there was a sticker with a recent security label). We being slightly scared ignored this "61st step" hint, we werent THAT adventurous.. Anyhow, while going down the staircase, there was something that made us go faster, in a quick pace, just to get out.. Another writing on a very dusty, huge mirror :
"Beware, He is close, watching you" and on the same mirror there was a pentagram with some symbols around it and a happy stick figure holding an axe..
Yeah, we quickly made it outside, that was quite an expirience.. However, this place and the surroundings are perfect for reference shots and a beautiful place for photography, so once I get a decent camera, we (with some other friends) will surely visit again..

A productive day..

Flash112 Blog

Even though I am horrible at writing blog posts I was somewhat tired of that mans face on my profile page.. :D
Also, that other poster was eventually taken down (After the holiday, whilst only teachers were at school) I guess they didn't like the idea of having a stylized teachers face there...
I might put up a new, different poster every week or two there, starting with this one, though I am sure this one wouldn't last 2 days.. *Well, It is English Grammar School (Don't go Grammar Nazi on me either!) :D First gotta figure out if it's needed, I don't want to appear cocky or something, putting up my stuff every week (Pictures in the frames of those corridors haven't been changed for months, even more so I would use only 1 frame, which was the ugliest drawing of them all..) Though people enjoyed the last one.. :-I
Today I had a strangely productive day, I made an animation from start to finish, of course, it was one of those animations that turn out acceptable with using modifiers and displacements.. :-/ Still, I am happy because once again I can experience the fear "Will my computer burn while rendering" this week.. :)
And to motivate myself for further work, today I also made a motivational poster (woah..)
Even though this phrase might seem "not to motivating or cheesy" I find it humorous and have found myself having that attitude nearly every morning after I wake up.. :D


Each year there is a "Best teacher" award in Latvia where students vote on teachers and then the best from all schools are nominated and I am unsure of what happens next.
Anyhow, in my school, each year we jokingly nominate the teacher of Woodworking/Practical stuff (Teaching students up to 9th grade)
So this year I had an idea for a small joke, I made a poster of him in the style of OBEY's Obama Hope poster. Then whilst lessons were taking place I took one of the frames with a painting in it in the corridor and quickly exchanged it with poster of him. I was expecting that only few people would notice it, but I was wrong, during the next break there was quite a crowd around the poster, everyone taking pictures.. There was a cloud of positive emotion towards it, it was very nice that people really enjoyed my work, anyhow I am still anonymous about it, for fun, and to not to get into trouble with school for putting a poster inside the frame.. (I as the author am unknown apart from my classmates and other friends from 10th grades who know it was me)
It's pretty awesome going through the corridors and occasionally hearing conversations about the poster and how people wonder who made it.. :D The art teacher (doesn't teach us any subjects anymore) saw it, I thought she would be angry and would take it down, anyhow, she smiled and by coincidence came to me and my friends to ask whether we know who is the author, I replied : I dunno, it just appeared from nowhere in this break.. , for the first time in my life I heard her saying : Awesome! (translated from Latvian)..

Anyhow, people seem to enjoy it so I doubt it will be taken down any time soon, the teacher in the poster hasn't seen it yet, would love to see his face.. :D Ehh, just wanted to share this as I am somewhat proud/happy of this feat..

It's not great, there are a few artifacts here and there, but still - Time was extremely short, so I am quite content with this, others in my team were quite impressed as well.. Enjoy! (Made for an international NASA project/contest/sumtin) I didnt have time for polishing the animation since I had to write 23 page research paper on the same topic for this contest.. :D

The model itself seems to finished.. Now - materials and textures!! --Watch in HD--

A timelapse..

Flash112 Blog

Just felt that I needed to make one again.. :3

I'm back!

Flash112 Blog

As the title implies, Im back (meaning I might be slightly more active on Moddb again)
Computer is in working order for quite some time, I have gotten better at pixel-art (you might think "what can be hard about placing pixels" BUT it truly can be tricky and demands time to master!)
But the big thing is - For the first time in my life I have a steady, no limit internet connection, I had a crappy connection before which was unusable at best.. ;(
Also I have nearly finished a small animation (things will get destroyed again, I might post some WIP's in the coming days..)
Oh, and today was the final day of Initiation in High school, that was loads of fun! :D
So in overall everything is more or less awesome!

I havent been active for quite some time, but thats because my PC has died and I havent found the solution yet, I will dig out my old (just a bit older than the current) CPU and will try to locate the problem..
So for now Im stuck with my laptop, its not that bad really, only that I just had to do a final animation render for a pretty cool mini-contest, and now I have appearantly missed it :-/
On a more positive note : Doing stuff on my laptop might teach me efficiently use system resources (it lags terribly at 130K polys). Also I have finished a story-board for my test short film (it started out as an animation test but I took it a bit further) I think that it might teach me the workflow and other things about managing this kind of stuff.. (I will also try to find a sound/music guru for the project when it gets to that phase)
But for now until I will fix my PC (it would be silly of me to hope that someone would fix it for me/replace components :-/) I am making a platformer game in Blender! For now I have made a test enviroment with a working cube character! When I get back home (Im in the country side now) I will post some screenshots of my "work" to replace this boring slab of text..

If you enjoy smaller WIP's of mah works you can follow me on twitterz : Kriss_Nelietis
P.S sorry for the slab of text and poor organization, I am boored(talkative) and typing this from my phone..

Made this video in between other things to take my mind off of bigger, more tedious Blender projects..

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