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Pilgrimage is singleplayer/multiplayer adventure game in the vein of Journey by that game company. Work together with other players to explore a wide desert and find the relics needed to escape.

Work with other pilgrims to stay alive and not freeze by using fires to stay warm and road markers to not lose track.

The connected worlds aspects works with players being able to use the fires and markers left by other pilgrims. When or if you die your fires and markers will stay in the world to be re-used by other struggling pilgrims.

Play it here:

1 year in space

figalot Blog

1 year in space

You have contracted an unknown space disease and have been given 1 year to live. Before giving up to die you hear a rumour circling about a cure that was found on a outer rim planet.

1 year in space is a game about exploring planets, fighting pirates, trading with robots and building a immeasurable fleet. Search over 30 planets in an attempt to find the cure for your deadly disease.

1 year in space also features heavy procedural generation so that no 1 battle or adventure will be the same!

Play here :


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Fortuitous is a game about escaping a collapsing world of blocks. Run and jump your way through randomly generated courses and get a highscore which you can submit to the leaderboard.

Made for ludum dare 26 using unity.

Play it free here :

Busy World AI

figalot Blog

Busy World AI is a fast way to implement and make populated worlds like those seen in AAA games like the Assassins Creed series, Hitman games and Grand Theft Auto games. Due to Busy Worlds lightweight framework and fast implementation it can be featured in almost any scene with minimal strain on the games fps and playability.

-Customizable AI to suit your game
-Action nodes that make your AI do a specific action such as read the newspaper, talk to people and shop
-Simple to read and understand code that is designed to be customized
-Code is also fully commented
-Capable of running hundreds of AI while still maintaining a solid frame rate
-Set up in minutes
-Tons of updates planned, get it while its cheap

Busy World AI can quickly and easily create fully realized and interactive worlds where numerous inhabitants behave in a realistic and meaningful way.

Along with the ability to customize the AI to behave in different ways, busy worlds AI also features easy-to-read, well commented and optimized code which has useful functions that easily can be expanded for making even more realistic AI.

Mr friendly

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According to the book Raising the Bar, Valve' s Ken Birdwell had a friend whose 12-year-old brother used to draw. Ken had always liked his work so he asked him, several years later, to do a couple of sketches of possible monsters. He presented sketches of several very sexual-oriented monsters to him and Gabe Newell, managing director, the kind of material Birdwell did not expect. Among them was this "Mr. Friendly", with something that looked like a penis. The creature was to literally "rape" the player, holding them with its tentacled arms until the point of fatal copulation. Birdwell was quite disturbed by the concept and wondered if Newell would like it; it turns out he did. They then chatted about possible psycho-sexual alien behaviors and their relation with disturbed teenager sexual fantasies. The sexual themes of some of the enemies were intended to appeal to the innate homophobia of 12 year old boys, the targeted audience for the game.[1]

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