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[FH2]Toddel @ Schwimmwagen

The Initial Type 166 VW Schwimmwagen for Forgotten Hope was mad by Jim "Rad" Rogers in 2003!

It was puplished with Forgotten Hope 1 Version 0.65 in Fall 2004. That is 8 Years ago.

The Version you are showing is directly taken from Forgotten Hope 2 mod.

I personally

ported the Vehicle from FH1 to FH2 and added more Detail to the old Orignal FH1 Model. I still own all working files .

We want that you remove this from this Mod and from any other where you used it, since you or any other Person stole it without Permission.

And I demand that you say here in Puplic "Sorry that you took it and about saying that Rad who passed away last year, stole it from you!"


If you compare our Model you show as your work and look at our Work you clearly see, that you directly took it.

- The Tiretreads ( each modeler do a different look so its very obvious)
- Wood grip on shovel and paddel , (hand painted wood is like a Finger print.)
- Roof Canvas ( same as wood)
- Handpainded Leatherseats ( same wood)
- Camo!
- Dirt brushes we still use on Todays FH2 Model textures

you should Shame and better start creating your own work. Normally there is a unwritten Law under Modders to never take other People work. And because People like you big companys start to make there modern Engines unmoddable because they dont want that Thefts take there Content and put i to Puplic as yours.


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[FH2]Toddel @ Forgotten Hope 2

pm send

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[FH2]Toddel @ War Winning Weapons

Thank you People very much for this nice comments.

We really like to show top Quality because its our love to create this Content.

And to the modders Out there dont feel scared away from us. We allways need Hands. Noone of of started with this Skills. Start small and Grow.( i for example started only 2 years ago. i never openend Photoshop or 3DS Max before nor i know how to mod)

Never give up. and if you think you can help FH2 then Contact us. Dont be shy.

Best would be people will Multiple skill. Dont waste your tallents in small Projects we dont need the 10th unreleased HL2 mod

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