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Long while since our last post...

FeudalStudios Blog

This has been a bumpy few months we have had big ups and big downs (Almost felt like cancelling the whole project but we pushed through it) we have had personal matters split the team, Money issues, Computer issues (My PC was almost destroyed by a nasty root kit) but we have made big gains as well.

I (George coshall) have been given a lot of stick for doing this project, I have been mocked and laughed at for attempting this, I have had whole communities just throw me away as a failure and many other things.

But now we are moving, we have gotten hold of a great team and we will make progress and WILL post a good video in a month or two (sorry for not releasing the prototype but we had big errors)

Programmers, Artists and Modelers

FeudalStudios Blog

Hello, this is my second blog post, So far we have 1 Web developer working very hard on the site (and on the Project management system), 2 Graphical designers working hard on the design of the site and 2 researchers (Including me) finding out how the game will work, what sources we use and many other information thats required.

So we are looking for,

A Programmer (more than 1 but for now 1 should suffice),
A Modeler who will work on the concepts and get the first models done,
A Artist who has a good drawing hand, and a Keen eye for history.

For now that should do,

But we would like a Animator as well, but we could live without.

First Blog post

FeudalStudios Blog

We will starting doing a regular blog posts (and tweets) to keep the community informed on what we are doing.

The Website is going along really well, and the Project Management System is going well as well, so soon we will have those up.

So serious production could start VERY soon, we all hope you the best.

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