I'm a complicated nerd that came from an astral kingdom known as The Huxley Empire. I want to make videogames as a living, and I won't stop until I reach my goal.

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Architectural design and Furniture made by Andres Careaga.

My job was to transfer the scene in SketchUp to the engine, and ensure a high quality level of rendering, add some basic level of interactivity and cinematics.

The contents of the video are rendered in real time on the Unreal Engine 4.

Something I made recently for a game inspired in Supernatural (TV Show) hope you like it! :D

I'm trying to get back this 2014 to modding and indie gaming development, so folks: you need anything? Ring me a bell or send me a PM! :)

2 years without me!

fdslk Blog

Wow! I've been missing from this place for 2 years! Man, what a scene. If someone is reading this: I'm back, and I'm ready to keep on rocking this place :D

I've updated my profile with some stuff I did this time I was off, and something really special about a webcomic I'm working on ::yaaaaay:: so, anyway, and anyhow. Here's what is all about and the link for you to check it :D

Breath - Now a webcomic I'm working on
Breath - Now a webcomic I'm working on
Breath - Now a webcomic I'm working on

Updates, updates, updates... Probably nobody read this, but it seems to work as a reminder. Most people as the title goes should know this if studied advertising, graphic design, or art.

"What you know is what you see" This is something my teacher at Digital media used to tell us when talking about information theory, beyond all the math and logarithmic functions you find in measuring information, what you actually perceived or process is whatever is determined to be in your symbolic universe or imaginary.

To put it simple, this means when you process information your recorded transmission will be triggered by elements in common to your sociological and personal context, things like memories, knowledge, customs of your society itself (family, neighborhood, city, country, etc) something semiotics for years have been trying to tell us.

Why am I talking about this? Fair and simple, because art doesn't exist! HEGEL WAS WRONG! When you see a picture of a naked woman, some guy who studied art will check the style, strokes, color balance, proportions, etc... his friend: the size of the crack, the friend of the friend, how it reminds him of his mother due to her hair, and we can go on and on with this.

If all we see is a subject to our knowledge, our mental machination. The world is just reduced into a nihilistic misconception of perceptions established by a social construct, even math is, it's the only language that uses abstracts of absolute valor.

Meaning what? Meaning that this universe is not deterministic and you can even sell a picture of your butt if you need money... hell, What do you think porn is anyway? Exactly!

So why do we bother into calling art something that's just a perception of a misconception? Because we want attention obviously to devoid us of the vast emptiness existence is... others drink beer, I like doing mathematical operations on my free times (even if I do it for work sometimes) so I see the mathematical dimensions of this world and choose to see the world with that scope.

Now, Which scope did you choose?

If dirtyboy10@hotmail.com adds you to hotmail or anything else and his nick is fdslk, that's a fake user someone created to mock me up or anything, I don't know what he/she wants or who/she is.

Just letting you know, I'm checking with Windows Live what can I do to avoid any further damage.

Any help to turn him over to the local authorities will be appreciated or letting people know he's not me will be too.

As always: Thank you all!

Breaking News

fdslk Blog 7 comments
  1. I'm single.
  2. I voted today "Papa Smurf" for Gobernor. (Really, I drew him on the filling paper)
  3. I'll probably got myself into a new job.
  4. I'm almost done with your screenplay iQew.
  5. I finished Micheal LeRoi model, I'm waiting confirmation for publishing.
  6. Breath is on a hold on, because the computer with all the data was stolen (again, it's the third time this year)
  7. I want to do a cooperative survival horror, but I need a team
  8. I'm teaching a lot and my students are way too good at: "I'll get better this time only to screw you professor!"
  9. My thesis is becoming a taboo since I provided a formula that measures the effectiveness of an ad in any media.
  10. I need more money to start again Breath from scrath, for fucks sake!

That's about it!

One year!

fdslk Blog

Wow, I didn't realized that It's been a year sice I'm here... holy fuck, time does goes fast when you're having fun. It's a good thing to know that I'm still here and working out myself to stress the hell outa me (?)

This year of being in Modb did give quite a good experience, I learned and meet a lot of good folks (and girls) in here, and happy to be part of moddb, and I'm happy to be here with everyone else.

This is from: The Path to Posthumanity: 21st Century Technology and Its Radical Implications for Mind, Society and Reality written by Ben Goertzel and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj

One of the funny things about being a scientific researcher is that, however high your IQ may be, you wind up feeling incredibly stupid on a regular basis. You may find yourself thinkin about the same thing over and over again, for months or years on end, without making any progress at all. Then, when you get the answer, it often seems completely obvious and you can't understand how you could have been so moronic as to not see it earlier. Then you go out into the world of odrinary, non-scientific people, and you realize: "Wait a minute, I'm actually fairly intelligent compared to a lot of other peple! I'm not such and idiot after all! This research is just really, really hard for the measly three-pound human brain."

I'm making my thesis about cyberculture in our nowadays... my career: Communication Sciences. I'm almost done with it.

At last!

fdslk Blog

AT LAST! AT LAST I'VE RETURNED! All the finals are over, I have good grades for this year and guess what? No more lurking! Now I can be again with all I was taking care of... sorry guys for this being this late, that's why I'm adding a new thingie I made for Breath and for my fellas at Portal: Combat. In a few little days, Cindy will be more than completed.

Finals have arrived!

fdslk Blog

Yup! University finals have arrived... so I'll be a little off the site and modding, but that doesn't mean that I will be a tripping balls that won't keep up with what I need to do and cover.

So, I ask you all to be patient for now, since I don't want bad grades (at least TOO BAD grades) I'll keep in touch, but even less than before since I was already busy with my real life money making issues.

P.S.: Breath will continue it's development no matter what!


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