I'm a game developer for a game company in Iceland called Gogogic, I'm a member of the Icelandic Gaming Industry and I'm the ModDB manager of Forgotten Hope 2 mod. I also make sure FH2 has pretty pictures on release days as well as some minor artwork stuff. I'm a big fan of modding in general wether it is fancy artwork or creative thinking within the limited box some mods are faced with their chosen game engines.

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Slowly I've been trying to get the FH2 ModDB Page up to date. I've noticed some really cool stuff how other mods within the community have their ModDB page set up, custom CSS, fancy images and backgrounds. Inspiring!

We just released 2.3 patch yesterday. The release is fantastic and mostly everyone seem to be happy with the new maps and SP support, what I'd consider the two highlights of this release. Sadly though everything went all but smooth on ModDB. Patch and Full version still isn't uploaded ( more of a user trouble than technical ) trouble with news ( lack of preparation on my part ). But we live and learn.

Part of me wants to launch a new mod, something small, something with a starting point, middle and an end. The whole process of finding the initial idea, creating the GDD for it and developing on that, "marketing" and publishing it. I want to document the whole process and to learn more on the whole ModDB system from first hand experience, documenting the whole developing process in this blog, for others to read on it, laugh of my mistakes and perhaps, hopefully, learn something from it.

So I guess the start would be to find out what exactly it is that I want to do, and what game/engine I want to use for it. All good projects have to start with something and I think I'll start this one with lunch!


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