Fall of Angels is a JRPG currently available for iOS. An updated and expanded port is being developed for PC; a demo is available for download from our website. With Fall of Angels we wanted to blend a story driven adventure with puzzles and exploration, so we have filled the game with tools to use, first-person interactive puzzles, abilities to learn, and multiple game modes.

Report RSS 10th January: Expansion and Improvement

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I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fall of Angels, which unfortunately has been a slow starter so far. Part of this is due to factors like exposure and momentum, and I think part of it is the video that we uploaded initially with the campaign; upon reflection it was too long, too slow, and lacking in any energy. We've replaced the video with one that has an entirely different tone, pacing, and length.

The new video is snappier, lighter, shorter, and more to the point. It's a video that I'm happy with, and one that I think better reflects... well, me. I had fun doing it, which is always a good sign.

Except the bit where I had to edit out the sound of the neighbors screaming at each other, I could do without that every day...

I've also started pushing even harder to get exposure for the campaign. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do! And tell anyone that you think might be interested. Put it on your blog! I don't mind. Twitter. A tattoo would be nice! Put it somewhere highly visible.


Development of the game itself is really fun at the moment. The expansion that we are doing to every facet of the game involves taking the base that we already have, and then creating new routes and secrets that make it bigger and better. We are designing new items, and creative puzzles to go with them. The solid grounding of the existing iPhone version really frees us up and allows us to focus on making things that are fun, safe in the knowledge that the core of the game is already there. We've also had plenty of time to reflect on the iPhone original, and think about elements that can be tweaked and improved upon. I'm really excited for where this re-imagining is going!

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