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I have seen games where the protagonist is someone who is living in a dystopian world. They are breaking out of the mold and you guide them through the process, eventually "liberating" the society from the oppression they face, or, starting the collapse of the regime.

However, looking around me, observing cultures, I see that some cultures could be viewed as others as dystopian, yet the people within the culture are totally fine with it, and don't really think much of it, unless they have grown up outside it. It may be a case of things taken too far, or just a culture that is too rooted in tradition for outsiders.

While I don't support Communism, I think the idea of total equality is good one, but it doesn't work, and won't, unless everyone suddenly decides to become altruistic for the rest of their lives; selfless, and working only for the good of others. But even then, some people would find that hard to live with. That would be dystopia for them.

What if there was a game where you, the protagonist, has the perspective of the people ruling this sort of regime, and your job was simply to keep it going? If the immersion was good enough, people wouldn't question the role they play, and may even come to accept it as utopia.

On a side note:
I updated my profile header. I created it while playing around with Paint.NET and stock images, and it's a Halo scene. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make something more original? I'm not terribly creative.

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