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Whenever I play games, I generally play the single player aspect of the game, and I generally follow the plot-line quite closely. Some plots were good, others were decent, or worse - bearable. This is mainly because until recently I have not had a good enough internet connection to play online multiplayer.

For me, the storyline is the main part of the game. I generally don't care about the gameplay, unless it is broken, and renders the game unplayable. I think video games are an amazing medium to deliver very engaging storylines. I personally think strategy games deliver the best experience, but I mainly play strategy games, so I'm biased. I love a thrilling story plot.

The most immersive storylines I have encountered are those of Red Alert 2, Tiberium Wars and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. While the C&C games have a fictional setting, they are not over the top, and the presentation is really good. I mean, Red Alert 2 even integrated the storyline into the installer! How awesome is that? I have not come across another game that has done this, please let me know if there are other games out there that do this.

I feel that the Tiberium Wars storyline is a masterpiece. The interweaving of faction perspectives at different points is quite brilliant, and the expansion pack story only adds to it. I love that all factions' sides of the story are canon, instead of only the "good guys'" version being canon. This was started in Generals, but after Kane's Wrath, it was unfortunately stopped. Apparently, Tiberian Twilight also had both sides canon, but what I read about seemed quite incoherent and didn't quite make sense.

Nowadays, I don't see any strategy games that deliver plots quite so well. FPS games seem to be the main genre of games that tell enchanting stories. Has story-telling in strategy games become a lost art? It looks like it.

I would really like to be proved wrong, and I'd like to see the unknown strategy games that tell a good story. So please let me know of games that tell a story. Also, what genre of games do you think is especially suited to storytelling, and why?

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