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With this post, I'm not trying to push anything new, but rather I'm trying to understand the topic for myself better. So please correct me if anything I say is wrong, or even if you think it is wrong.
Looking back at my previous post on Psygnosis' Metal Fatigue, modularity features heavily in the design of combots, with the parts even being interchangeable with parts from other factions' combots! However, in this case, it seemed that modularity wasn't taken full advantage of. There wasn't much versatility in weapons in type of damage, just that more expensive parts damaged opponents more. There was the occasional flight legs and torso that made it more interesting, but they were more of a gimmick.
Modularity allows high versatility, and is very prevalent in the modern world, especially in computers, but only if the connectors are standardised, which brings me to post this:

About 300 years ago, there was little interchangeability, of at all, but the situation has improved a lot since then. Take Project Ara for example, less than a year ago, a modular phone was a idea of dreams, but now someone is bringing an idea to reality. It all depends on standardisation though.
What I want to propose through this article is a faction that is highly modular, where the function of every unit or building is determined by the modules it has attached. Or has this already been done? What do you think of the idea? As you can probably tell, this was inspired by my experiences with Metal Fatigue.

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