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Established by the Karjan government as an extension of FutureTech Aeronautics, which previously only manufactured existing designs, it is the force behind FutureTech's ever popular and highly held indigenously designed military and civil aircraft. Setting standards for aircraft design all over the world, the bar it sets proves too high for all others that strive to reach it, despite their persistence. All of the Aircraft used by the Karjan Armed Forces have been designed or reviewed by the brilliant minds of this organisation. No aircraft is put into use by the government of Karjah without the approval of the Karjan aeronautics design bureau. While some complain of monopoly concerns, it remains to be seen whether any other company can surpass the premier design outfit in the country, let alone usurp its position as the reviewer of government aircraft.Constantly pushing the envelope of aircraft design above and beyond that of the most celebrated of foreign companies, it is widely considered to be the best in the world. However, the aircraft designed and produced by the company are exclusively for the government of Karjah, without exception. The company and the government zealously keep their designs and technology out of everyone else's hands, lest it be used for nefarious purposes.

FutureTech Aeronautics Design Bureau
The FutureTech Aeronautics Design Bureau is hosting a naming competition for all hideously named aircraft, especially those with initials for names. The winners will be given permission to use their designs for their own purposes, provided that they give credit to the FutureTech Aeronautics Design Bureau for the work, and their name will be chosen for the aircraft.

Indigenous aircraft design descriptions have been updated, FutureTech Aeronautics Design Bureau invites all members to view this new information prior to making suggestions for names for these crafts.

Part of the series on Karjah : Release designation PH1

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