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Hey People, long time no see. I finally got around to scanning another one my drawings, and it's the first one ever that I drew. It's based on the Ironside Experimental Troop Transport (IETT) from C&C3: Kane's Wrath:
I thought it was quite cool when I came across it, but I didn't really pay any attention to it, since I was playing the game and more focused on whisking professor Giraud away from GDI. Then I came across cnc.wikia.com, which had a lot of details about it that I didn't know, and it really piqued my interested. I thought about how I would change it according what I thought was better, and I came up with this:

Un-named modification of the IETT

I didn't know what the claw things were under the wings, so I got rid of them and replaced them with module fittings where different modules that had specific purposes could be attached. For example, if a mission required that it fly a longer distance than the craft could hold fuel, a fuel module could be attached. Or if it required carpet bombing an area, then bomb modules could be attached, or for a mission that required paratroopers, a module for paratroopers can be attached. As you can probably tell, I envisioned it to be a versatile and powerful platform that can be modified according to mission requirements. The wing tips could also support two more engines (not the over-sized ones currently present) if needed or missiles. Two small modules and two large modules can be attached under the wings, but you have to attach one on both sides of the same size, to balance the weight across the aircraft.
However, this being my first concept that I drew, it obviously has flaws, more than all my later drawings. The most concerning one would be the weight of the modules, which may cause the wings to sag too much. I don't know of any other flaws, but it would be nice if someone could point those out to me. I love aircraft, and learning about them, so it would be appreciated. I would also like to hear any suggestions about how it could be improved, if at all, such as would a hybrid wing design be better? And lastly, It doesn't have a name, and I don't know what it to call it, and I would like suggestions for that too. Otherwise I'll probably just call it: "Flying wing concept study", if that's acceptable.

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