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Many of you have probably wondered what it would be like to combine several games together, or
even wished for these combinations. Better yet, some of you may have even started your own projects based on those ideas.

I have varied tastes, and I have played games from several different genres, but I find RTS and city-building games the most alluring. So, I thought about taking elements from several different games (Mainly Strategy games) and stringing them together.

I usually don't like open-world games, especially not RPGs, but I take exception to minecraft. It fuels creativity, and I want to take parts of it as the basis for my new ubergame. Mixing in a little bit of Kerbal Space Program physics, something more interesting starts to form. Add on the city construction from games like Pharaoh with the construction mechanics of Age of Empires, then you can see where this is going. Throw in the tech tree from Civilization, and the empire mechanics of the campaign map of
Empire Total War, sans all violence, you have a chance to create an entirely new civilization, and shape their entire history. While I recognize this is similar to Spore, I must point out that Spore doesn't quite have the complexity of what I have in mind. And another thing, it all takes place in real time, but there is the option of time warp.

What do you think, would it be too complex? Do you think it can make it out with minimal violence? Granted, this would be extremely complex and exceedingly frustrating to create, but I think it would also be extremely rewarding. It could also help with AI research quite a bit. It would take a monster of a computer to run, though.

I'd like to think that it is possible that it will work, because I have so many ideas to expand it, and make it more complex, approaching something like Second Life in real world recreation, but at the
same time, making easy enough for average n00b to catch on and be hooked, and to form a vibrant community. Does anyone think it could work? Would anyone like to start on a basic project to bring this...smorgasbord to reality?

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