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I will be starting a new project, the fruits of which you will have to wait atleast a few months to see if at all. It is a possible storyline for the dream game I described a few days ago in a post. During the wait, I will be studying and researching the history of humanity, specifically the advancement of technology. Any helpful pointers would be appreciated, as would relevant links. I will try to make drawings, but I am better at writing than drawing, so don't expect anything, unless someone in the moddb.com community volunteers to help me, which would be a great help, if anyone's up to it.

I plan to lay it out in what I expect to the be perspective of the player in the game. There may be some discrepancies, but I hope they can be overlooked and forgiven. It will start in pre-stone age times, when individual families wander around the planet foraging. That's what the plan is at that point. I don't want to start as the player controlling a cell, because that's already been done in Spore, and I don't want to spark a creation/evolution argument. This will also make it easier for me to pick up and develop as a story.

The game would be about creating a history, so this story would would be one of many possibilities, if such a game were to be made. I hope people look forward to it, and if not inspired, atleast that you'll enjoy it. I'm not making any promises though about the finality or what you will see or if you will see it at all though. I don't know what to call the project; does anyone have any ideas?

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