I am fairly decent in the source sdk's Hammer Map Editor as well as a texture artist.

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The Citizen Returns

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I enjoyed this mod very much, and I'm glad that the citizen's story had finally come to a close. But here are the cons of this mod:

1.Visuals have taken somewhat of a priority over gameplay (Not necessarily a bad thing in a few cases, but still feels to be drawn out till the ending)

2.Sub-par voice acting, the feeling and emotion was just simply not there, especially in stressful situations.

3.The ending felt a bit rushed in being put together.

4.Some parts of the story could have been put into more detail (I will explain this later on)

Now let's look at the pros!

1.Excellent level design (in my opinion at least)

2.Good variety of characters

3.Excellent story plot (attacking the water treatment plant was a good choice)

My biggest issue was some aspects of the story. At the casino, there is some type of zombie creature that you must escape from (it was invulnerable last mod, not sure why that was changed because it added a sense of urgency to escape.) What was the point of this creature or even having a haunted casino, don't get me wrong, it was cool, but what point did it serve? How did the monster get there in the first place? Small things like this I feel can be detrimental to the main plot (citizens rebelling against oppressors).
The ending did not exactly live up to my expectations, it seemed to have been rushed, hastily put together, and killing off Larry like that just seems like an excuse to make a quick ending in time for release.



Mod review - 2 agree - 4 disagree

What I really liked:
Beautiful texture and art design.
Great sounds.
Good atmosphere that leaves you paranoid.
Doesn't rely entirely on jump scares.
Good weapon variety.
Scary monsters.
Interesting story.

What I didn't like:
You end up using a lot of ammunition to take down these monsters, even the ones at the start.
Some puzzles were a bit irritating.
Went a bit crazy with darkness, I actually had to modify my graphic settings just to see what was in front of me.
You end up backtracking just to get 1 set of bandages because you lost half of your health to 1 monster.
Terrible balancing, I might as well as be shooting these monsters with potato guns.

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