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Apollyon094 Blog

Quite a bit has happened since I was last online here. I am now more active on discord (Apollyon094
#3914) and have moved on to other games since.

Currently my mods are under development. The development of Half-Baked Aftermath has been inactive, then active again over the past year, But I promise it will release at some point. I am now working on an SCP:CB mod named "Peanut Breach" that aims to be more humorous than other parody/satire mods of SCP:CB.

Over on discord, I've lost and made many friends over time, and am now as active on it as I used to be on ModDB. I have taken up mapping for HL2:DM, and have made various maps almost to barely finished. Right now, I am not part of a dev team or anything, and just doing my own stuff. And that brings us right to here where I am currently.

dm sniper apollyon2b0000

e3 under 020000

History of my really stupid page

Apollyon094 Blog

May 2017 - July 2017 randomnamedb (url randomnamedb)*/ . I have no clue why I named myself that.

July 2017 - Feburary 2018 gammadogstudios (url gammadog1) . This name sounds like a bot generated it.

Feburary 2018 - August 2018 pill_dickle (url still gammadog1) . This name is he most retarded thing I have come up with. Moving on.

August 2018 - pilldickle2002 (url healfjooc) (if you don't get what is about healf jooc, go to my shitty server:*/ . This name is sexy.

November 2018 - Exaqt (url exaqt)

December 2018 - Appolyon093 (url exaqt)


Apollyon094 Blog


A generator

Apollyon094 Blog

My 3d Model Portfolio.

Apollyon094 Blog

Just a quick update, here are some .stl files for 3d printing I have made for a while.

welcome to pill dickle

Apollyon094 Blog

why are you here hit the back arrow to save you from the cancer

Video game name generator madness

Apollyon094 Blog 2 comments

So, a while ago I found this thing that makes video game names and found what the next games will be in 2018, enjoy.

Savage Stapler Gone Wild

Great Typing in Vegas

Remote Cheese - The Dark Descent

NBA Blood X-treme

Kinect Drug-Dealing Rescue

Ye Olde Snowboard GT

Indian Piano Encounter

Alcoholic Sunshine Wranglers

Hardcore Donkey Domination

Disturbing Vocabulary Jamboree

Charlie Brown's Acid Dreamland

Religious Kung-fu 3D

In Your Face Midget vs. The Space Mutants

Dance Dance Sandwich Restaurant

Wrath of the Hippo Camp

Hazardous Chicken Fun

Silent Monkey All-Stars

Telekinetic Ostrich Punch-Out!!

Heavy Metal Mahjong Planet

Stealth Dance on the Oregon Trail

Interactive Stapler Trivia

Jamaican Burger Maxx

Maniac Ice Cream Fighter

Scottish Plumber Tale ///sounds like a new mario ripoff

Hazardous Bingo Rampage

Electric Bedtime Slaughter

Electric Piano Boxing

Weary Sandwich Yoga

Rockin' Duck Demolition

Italian Mutant Academy

Battlefield: Kart Special Edition

Indiana Jones and the Vampire - The Card Game

Pixellated Fun Noodle from Planet X

Irritating Rodeo with Friends

The end for now, but if you want to create some go to and post your favorite in there comments.

Look I'm sort of famous

Apollyon094 Blog

Oh look I'm famous now you must bow down to me and my bugatti because everyone in the comments is talking about me. This has got to be the worst article I have ever typed.

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