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Long time no see.

EvilTurtle Blog

Been ages since I've done anything on ModDB. I've been very busy dealing with life and setting up a business.

Of course I'm still busy with those things, but they are going better and better so I figured I should get back on this, especially now that I'm reviving my old story for Draconian Empire. Not the mod just yet though, something more unique ;)

Well I hope you are all doing well and perhaps until soon! :)

Night of Legacy browser game!

EvilTurtle Blog

Hello folks!

Yes, clam your tits, i'm still alive!
We have been busy though: unfortunately the Draggie Engine and Draconian Empire are on hold (the latter even cancelled) as we are very busy with personal life and our browser-version of Night of Legacy!

We've got our own server, website and the basics of the game/engine. It is completely written in Javascript, using WebGL (OpenGL ES 2.0) for graphics.

Have a look:

In the future you will have to register to play the game, we even have (most) of this system already implemented, however getting the actual game itself running is no. 1 priority!

Currently i'm putting our company Evil Turtle Productions on the IndieDB list before making an official Night of Legacy page here.

Let me know what you guys think and if you encounter any strange bugs. Ofcourse this is still in 'Alpha' as everything's still being made, you could see it as a pre-release even, so there will be lotsa bugs still. However i'd rather have them reported a million times over than missing one!

the Draggie Engine 1

EvilTurtle Blog

Arrr ye mateys!

Lots of projects going on:
- Draconian Empire (HW2 mod)
- "NoName" a currently untitled horror-survival game with a focus on object-interacted-survival and lights
we are currently working on implementing some basic idea's in CryEngine 3.

- and last but not least:

the Draggie Engine 1

This is my first full C++ project in wich i'm attempting to write my own WYSIWYG 3D engine from scratch in a simple as possible code wich i have written myself entirely (no copy-pasting! i want to learn stuff!) except for maybe some libraries and using barely any extensions (so far im only using GLUT).

The beta will (hopefully) feature:
- modular structure so that users can mod certain aspects (so far no open-source planned!)
- basic OpenGL graphics with basic shaders/lightning
- basic collision detection
- basic camera movement
- WYSIWYG ingame editor:
- Save/Load system for maps made in the editor using a custom file extension (.MRA)
- the ability to spawn primitives (cube, piramid, sphere) and edit these
- Import function for either 3DS of OBJ files (or both)

Well thats the update for now!


So apparently

EvilTurtle Blog

Adding a line/function to a ship file:

... messes the animations up so that they won't work, wich is annoying because i wanted to use that function for more realistic ship-death simulations etc.

Guess i'll have to do with the Debris function.



On other news: production on Draconian Empire goes well, just MIGHT make the Beta deadline of 1th of april! :D


EvilTurtle Blog

.... Because that is what i do.

Anyways, have solved a lot of troubles, a.o.: cinematic & build menu problems.

Having troubles getting animations to work properly now tho, maybe CFHodEd is corrupted o.-.o

Anyrawrs, don't forget to keep an eye on the Draconian Empire mod, i know it has been kinda silent this week, but we are still working hard on it!


mr. Jack Swallow signing out

feeling epic

EvilTurtle Blog

this is just one of those days that i am listening to mostly LotR and PotC music and other epic symphonic music.

The new Hobbit movie is gonna be fantastic! The trailer was... wel... effing epic hahahah.

I am thinking of making a trailer later this year for one of the mods im working on, perhaps Draconian Empire, in the style of that trailer (ofcourse adapted to fit the sci-fi space opera thingie). First there needs lots to be done for the first Beta of DE though. :/

Still having problems with the cinematics & build menu's. See the mod's page if you wanna help!

Other then that i'm still feeling kinda sick >:

teh Evil Turtle signing out...


EvilTurtle Blog

So yeah, voice-acting is pretty hard, and though at Evil Turtle Studios we are now 2 voice-actors strong we could still use some extra voices.

In case anyone feels compelled providing some speech to the Homeworld 2 mod: Draconian Empire, give me a note! We have several ingame-personas already, and having just two people to provide a voice to all these personas is pretty hard.

Other then that... i hate being sick >.< *coughs* and money-less XD

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