Evelend decided to focus our energy on creating the video games that we had always wanted to play.
Our only purpose is to have fun while creating video games, because they represented to us, since very early in our childhood, a form of expression and entertainment even more extensive and complex than the cinema or theater (Let's make clear that we love the cinema and drama, lol).

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Who are Evelend Games?
We are two brothers: André (23 years) and Emilio (21) with collaborators.Born in Argentina, and living in Spain for 10 years now.We decided to focus our energy on creating the video games that we had always wanted to play.Our only purpose is to have fun while creating video games, because they represented to us, since very early in our childhood, a form of expression and entertainment even more extensive and complex than the cinema or theater (Let's make clear that we love the cinema and drama, lol).

What is the idea Evelend Games was based on?
The word Evelend is the name by which we called the team formed between the two brothers in any of our creations since childhood.At that time our game was made in Photoshop drawings, which we selected and moved with the arrow keys, while recounting what happened.
We are still the same team, enjoying our creations and working with the same spirit as when we considered it a game, so Evelend Games, besides being the label that represents us, is a tribute to those days of play and creativity.
How is work distributed?
André: I take care of the project's audivisual aspects.Character design, graphics (environment, scenarios etc), music and sounds.I also give the advice on how to refine details to help improve aspects of the gameplay and visual experience.As for complex projects, Evelend is still being born. We've got several projects ongoing, and, in all of them, I'm designing the necessary environment for each game to transmit the atmosphere we want in the suitable way.DeviantART: Toen.deviantart.comSome of my music for video games:Soundcloud.comSoundcloud.com

Emilio: I am the hermit who spends many hours at a time as needed to make every speck of dust move as it should be.That is, the programmer.I never studied programming but I've used it long since for many tasks, so it has become something like my profession, my hobby, and also an area in life where I can help others.I am slowly figuring out the puzzles of standard programming and achieving translate ideas into logical codes.In creative work prior to developing the games themselves, we are both fundamental parts in gathering ideas and generating contexts, storylines, and so on.

What kind of games do you like to develop?
All the games we like to play.Especially if they involve a fun process for their development, they represent challenges or if they require a creative process that we find interesting.

What do you have completed? Anything left to finish? Any ideas going round and round in your head?
So far we have brought to sale our first serious project, the "Pixelry" Indievania.com but it continues in development, with many updates to come "out of the oven".

It is a process that seems to be endless. There is always something you can add, something to improve and so on.The initial concept of Pixelry is based on a little known game of our childhood we played in our old Macintosh called "Sir Richard The Lion Hearted". It consisted in a sort of knigts simulator.With pixelry we wanted to give a complete turn to the experience by giving our touch and our own interpretation. We plan to eventually develop a world around Pixelry universe that allows us to get more titles related.
Also available is a very ambitious project, the "Principia Mathematica", which we created in record time because of a contest and proved to be so interesting and give so good results, that we decided to improve it and give it output.

You can download it for free because we have a lot to improve, until we finish the new version that will mean a wide, substantial renovation of the game.
The curious thing about this project is that , as Emilio is in Sweden and André is in Spain, we have coordinated work via conference call and an ftp server for files. It has been a unique development that will undoubtedly be repeated on occasion.

There is an extensive list of ongoing projects, and others we still only dream of.Mostly we can say that we are working on our first 3D game, with very retro touches, which we can not advance much data about, since it is a surprise project;)We also have in mind a graphic adventure game with philosophical content added, called "Elton's Magical Chair"

Of course we started the Pixelry HD. But we'll update with more information about it on our blog.

How do you see the current climate of game development?
Independent game developers we are faced with a double-edged reality.On one hand, there are now more opportunities for creation and diffusion techniques, which enables us to cover more public capacity without the need for high budgets.There are many more platforms to share and enjoy all the ideas out there.However, the independent game industry is experiencing a transformation towards corporativism in which the use of the label "indie" is a publicity gimmick, instead of a seal of approval that allows us to differentiate the low-budget creations from the ones which are not.The most popular pages are filled with games that are not very good, the result of a contest system based on contacts, rather than talent.

Where do you think you belong in the sector, Indie or General? Why?
We would prefer a new area called "Nobodies", where developers who have no contacts need to struggle to get public attention.At the moment we do not intend to make our living out of this, so the only thing we want is to put our creations in sight of the players. Everyone deserves to be visible and thanks to blogs like this, it is possible.

(NOTE: You can find amazing games made by the "Nobodies" developers that are worth to play in communities such as Indievania or Yoyogames Sandbox and many many others...)

What games would you like to have developed?

We would have loved to be part of the development of "The Neverhood" or any of the "Monkey Island" series. It would also have been incredible to have participated in Maxis in its heyday with the "Sims 1" or "SimCity 3000"

What's not?
Generic games, developed only for profit by repeating a formula that has proved being successful.

Quick questions.
First video game you remember.Emilio: Popeye for NESAndré: "Spider-Man, Return of the Sinister Six" NES
First consoleFamily game (NES pirate copy)
First computerMac Quadra, 1991
Best PC Game - ConsolePC - The NeverhoodConsole - Metal Gear Solid Saga

That game you would have created
Factory: The Industrial Devolution (We like that kind of gameplay) Macintoshgarden.org(NOTE: Amazing game by the way)
What you hateThe saga of Halo shooters and meaningless games.
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Evelend Games decided to focus our energy on creating the video games that we had always wanted to play. Our only purpose is to have fun while creating...

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