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The future of DB's sites

Erayser Blog 2 comments


Hello guys!

First of all I'd like to thank all of you on behalf of DBolical for your incredible support. Our community is really impressive and it was a pleasure for all of us to see that our sites are growing like that. Scott published a blog on his profile, where he said that we reached 18 million requests a day, that's really impressive, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm not going to talk about that, but essentially about the future of our sites. The first essential thing is the design of the latter ones. It's outdated and we'd like to revolutionize the sites with a brand new one, including new features.

My job is to work on this design and these features. Recently I've spent a lot of time reading your feedback on our official related topic Scott published and well, it's amazing to see how many ideas you guys have.. So basically, this blog is about announcing that, as of now, all of my efforts are dedicated into revolutionizing the sites. We want it to be Retina-compatible, with dozens of new features and more to come!

Your feedback is essential. I'd love to know what kind of features you guys suggest for the sites? Is there anything you want to have/see ? Let us know in the comments below ;)

New media player. Retina compatible and a minimalist approach.


I'll give you some previews of my work too!

Stay tuned.

Holidays shhhhh!

Erayser Blog 4 comments

Hello guys,
I recently arrived in France (great holidays, maybe) and basically I just wanted to publish a small blog article about me. You both know that my primary task as a ModDB/IndieDB Website Editor is conceptualizing and redesigning the whole website. This is the reason why I had to take a lot of papers with me because there's no computer close to me...

Anyway I plan to conceptualize different templates possibilities for Scott before working on a new design because having a design is great but ... Without a structure, you can't establish a design... So this is where it starts.

Working on the future of ModDB/IndieDB

If you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to contact me personally via PM or by adding a comment below. Keep in mind that I plan to do different templates for different pages so that personal profiles won't have the same look as the mod profiles and so on...


Joining the ModDB / Indie DB Team

Erayser Blog 3 comments

Hello guys!
Today I'm proud to announce officially that I'm joining the ModDB/IndieDB team as a CSS/HTML Designer. First of all, I would like to present you why INtense! decided to integrate me into his team and on the other hand what I will be able to do, for the team and for the community at the same time.

Redesigning ModDB/IndieDB for a fresher look.

You may know it, we want to redesign the whole site. This is the reason why INtense! choose me. I've been redesigning several pages on ModDB over the past, mostly my own pages. I never did a lot of things for the community, expect for my friend [TZP]LoNer1. We used to work together on the Misery Mod Page in July 2013... I would like to thank him because he certainly the guy who pushed me and told me "You have to do it man". Without him, I doubt I will be there today.

On the other hand, my first work on ModDB/IndieDB will be about designing the upcoming GOTY and MOTY respective pages with the help of Aaron (TkAza).

Anyway, here you have a preview of what I did on ModDB.
Click on the following pictures to visit the respective page of these modification.

Notice: The Misery mod page was done in cooperation with my friend LoNer.

I'll help the community to edit their respective pages (CSS changes)

Now that you understand why I work for ModDB and IndieDB, I'm going to explain what things I will be able to do for the community. Modders will be able to make a request, a CSS injection request in fact. Members both understand than designing something exclusively for them won't be possible, it's not my goal.

Therefore, if you have a simple CSS injection request (If you want someone to apply the CSS modifications you did on your page), then you will need to send me a private message with your CSS and the mod(s) you want to edit.

How can I contact you Erayser ?

You can contact me for the reason you want. I will try to answer to both private messages. You can expect an answer the same day unless I'm not online, but it won't take too long...

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