I'm passionate about gaming and have been doing it ever since 1996 when I got the PS1. I've been modding ever since late 2006 (almost a 10 year gap). My first ever mod was Desert Region for Morrowind. I tried modding for Half-Life but it's not for me. I focus mainly on my Desert Region mod series which will end after Desert Region 3 and I have plans for an indie game in the future. Watch this space...

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Ever since I finished the release of UBA's Paradise for Desert Region 2, it seemed like I have disappeared from the community. But in actual fact, I was working on mods like Valenwood Islands and City of Balmora, until that fateful day when I realised that I missed Desert Region.

So, what are my actual practical plans going forward?

  • Desert Region 3 for Oblivion has just been started. It will only be made for closure of the Desert Region series, as Desert Region 2 left a lot of loose threads hanging. Needless to say, it will be the final installment.
  • A conversion of Desert Region 1 to Oblivion is possible, but I don't guarantee that it will happen.
  • A conversion of Desert Region 2 to Oblivion would take a lot of work to convert over the clothes, armor and hair, so it's incredibly unlikely.
  • The 9th Chapter will be slightly updated, as there was a promised reward that never materialised.
  • A cut add-on to Desert Region 1, called "Olive the Enchanter", will be tested and will optionally be made standalone.

Watch this space for more news. Happy gaming!

(Gosh, I feel so old!)

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